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House fire results in hope for pets in distress in future

Discussion in 'News that makes you smile!' started by zwiebel, Oct 22, 2014.

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    A fire in a home in Petersburg, Virginia last week, could result in pets' lives being saved in future.

    Paramedics and firefighters saved a woman and a dog from the blazing home, but the dog was dying - in fact, paramedic Bubby Bish thought it was already dead. Firefighters Kevin Roberts and Mark Allen had carried it limp and unmoving, out of the smoke. But Bish and firefighter Josh Moore made an instant decision to try and revive the poor animal, a German Shepherd mix named Keiser.

    They had no equipment for animals and no experience of resuscitating them either, but after nearly 10 minutes of oxygen using an adult mask, Keiser's tail began to wag gently. He was saved. The incident has inspired Bish to order special oxygen masks for animals for all of Southside Virginia Emergency Crew’s ambulances, and ensure paramedic crews are aware of how to use them so other family pets can be saved in future.

    Keiser is in the care of animal control at the moment, while his owner recovers from 2nd degree burns. Wishing a speedy recovery and reunion to both of them.

    Lovely video at link. Also shows just how bad that house fire seemed to be.

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    They were very kind and caring firefighters, even though they thought the poor dog was already dead they decided to have a go at reviving him.
    How very kind and caring they are.

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