how lena's dream saved tony's life

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    LENA McGregor had a vision which saved the life of a stranger.

    For three days and two nights, 79-year-old dementia sufferer Tony Poboka lay helpless and dying alone in a dry creek bed after disappearing on Friday afternoon from his granny flat near Nimbin.

    The State Emergency Services and police centred their search in the scrub around his son Fred Waters’ property at Blue Knob, north west of Nimbin.

    Thermal imaging equipment, a helicopter and sniffer dogs were used to try to find him.

    Crime prevention officer Michael Hogan said police, SES and the Lismore rescue squad searched for the man for two days using extra resources already in the area for Mardi Grass.

    Too weak to move, and mute from a stroke 12 years earlier, Tony was hidden beneath a wall of lantana 150 metres from the family home.
    Desperate to find her father-inlaw, Tania Theoharris left a message with her friend, Lena, on Saturday night.

    Lena, who claims to see energy fields and is ‘very good at finding things’, arrived at the property at 1pm on Sunday.

    "The night before I got a flash of where he was," Lena said.

    "I saw a bush setting, a cliff and rocks at the bottom of it.

    "I knew he had fallen on the rocks."

    Arriving at the family home, Lena intuitively knew where to find Tony.

    "When I got there the landscape was the same (as in the dream) and my adrenalin was really strong. I knew he was down there," she said.

    "He (Fred) told me to go right, but I knew I had to go left. That’s when they told me there used to be an old track leading that way."

    Lena, Tania and Tony’s granddaughter, Sabina, scaled down the incline, ripping through the thick lantana to get deeper and deeper into the scrub.

    One hundred metres down the ravine they found Tony at the bottom of a dried-up creek almost totally obscured from view.

    Shaking from hypothermia and barely opening his eyes, Tony was alive.

    "It’s a very extraordinary miracle that he was found by this lady.

    "He would’ve been dead in another three hours," Fred said.

    "I’d say only one person in every 100 million has the power she has. She’s a very special person."

    Despite earning her living as a clairvoyant, Lena does not want money for finding Tony.

    She has only asked to return to the property to help the family uncover the mystery of how Tony ended up where he did.

    Tony is in Lismore Base Hospital and is recovering remarkably well.
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    What a wonderful article! Amazing!

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