How to start a Missing But Not Forgotten thread

Discussion in '2010's Missing' started by OkieGranny, May 8, 2017.

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    If you'd like to start a thread but aren't sure how, here's a little tutorial:

    Please note: 2010s Missing is for cases that are at least two years old. More recent cases belong in the Missing Persons Discussion forum.

    1. It begins with information from an official source: a news article, a release issued by law enforcement, a NamUs listing, etc. A missing person poster from social media is generally not sufficient.

    2. Use the Search box to make sure we don't already have a thread on that case.

    3. Upload the missing person's image, if available, to an image host.

    4. Go to the appropriate subforum (determined by year) of the Missing But Not Forgotten forum and click Post New Thread (to the left of the subforum header).

    5. Select the appropriate location prefix from the drop-down menu.

    6. Add a title. There is a specific approved format for for all Missing Person titles:

    (State or Country Prefix - First & Last Name, Age, Last Seen Location, Date)

    For example: WI - Crystal Jones, 24, Milwaukee, 16 April 2014

    7. Add your image and source link(s) and text in the text box.

    8. Preview and proofread your post by clicking the Preview Post button.

    9. Once you're satisfied that your post is accurate and complete, click the Submit New Thread button.

    Any questions? Ask away!
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    Hi, I want to create a post about a dear friend of my family who remains missing despite someone being imprisoned for 30 years in the UK, where charges of murder and disposal of a body were bought against three people but despite their sentences, they have never said where his body is.....the case was completed at court in December 2012 and extensive searches were carried out by the police. It’s quite an interesting case, and there are plenty of articles in various newspapers and on BBC news still available. I am a bit useless with setting stuff up like this and hoped that someone might be able to help on here, and although the case is done and dusted legally, I am hoping that Websleuths might be able to help. I know a lot about the victim as he was a very close friend of ours. He wasn’t strictly speaking, the most law abiding citizen but he was very good to us and our kids, and helped us out on many occasions. I also know he had a dark side to him, as other people have told me, but we never saw that, he was a friend in a million. Hoping someone can help, his name was Gary Hampson and the case was in Brighton and heard at Hove Crown Court. Hoping it is ok to pos5 this here, if not can a mod please message me, or remove the post. Thank you very much.
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    Hey, I have a friend whose brother has been missing since October of 2017, from Boise, ID. The Ada county police and other law agencies are refusing to submit a missing persons report because he is a felon on parole and are looking at it as an absconding case, even though the circumstances of his disappearance are rather suspicious. Is there a thread I can post him too?

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