HS Football team with great spirit.

Discussion in 'News that makes you smile!' started by mimimama5, Sep 28, 2010.

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    wonderful!! Great karma for all those boys out there. Bless them!!
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    I just found this article when looking for something else, and when I saw it, I felt it HAD TO BE here. But you beat me to it.

    Thank you!

    At WS, because it is a crime forum, we most often see the evils that COULD and frequently surround us. It makes us leary and suspicious and sometimes, afraid...... even depressied.

    That is why when I find an account such is this, in my heart, I rejoice! Everything and everyone in this society we've created is NOT bad, evil, or just out for 'me, me, me.' Some kids or parents are influential in a positive way and inspiring. This is one of those times.

    I hope more people watch this video. It will make you have HOPE, that there are MORE good and kind youth out there. They are just under the 'grid.' ....But, they are making a difference, WHERE it COUNTS, with the ones it means most to. The Ikes of this world.

    Bless this team, their competitors who assisted with their mission, to make Ike a hero. They are the best! These young people are what life is all about................love,................. understanding, ......................and sacrifice.



    For Snohomish's program, Ike has become a big deal. His runs at the end of practice build camaraderie and sense of routine for the rest of the team. And they help place sports in perspective.

    On Friday, the "Ike Special" even provided the Panthers' only points. Of course, Snohomish coach Perry may have had that play up his sleeve the whole time. After all, he sees just how effective it is at the end of every single practice.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<full article at link>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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