Hundreds of Migrants Marching to Hungary Border in Protest

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    Haven't heard much on fleeing refugees this summer. How is The Refugee Deal going between the EU and Turkey, with what's happened in Turkey?

    Hundreds of migrants and asylum seekers set off on foot Friday toward Serbia's border with Hungary to protest its decision to keep its border closed for most people trying to reach the European Union.

    Migrants held cardboard placards saying "Hungary Open Borders" or "No Borders, No Fence" as they marched Friday in a long column along a road leading north from Belgrade toward the Hungarian border 200 kilometers (120 miles) away.


    Hungary has recently strengthened anti-migrant controls on its southern border with Serbia, letting in about 30 people a day, mostly families with small children. This has left a few thousand people stuck in Serbia, with hundreds camping along the border without basic facilities.
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    July 25, 2016
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    Migrants protest against EU leaders, ask why the borders are being closed

    A group of migrants and asylum-seekers who set off two days ago on a protest march toward Hungary have reached the European Union-member state’s border, saying they want to ask European leaders why it is closed for the thousands fleeing war and poverty.

    Walking slowly under a Serbian police escort, several dozen people approached Serbia’s border with Hungary in a bid to protest Budapest’s decision to keep it shut for most asylum-seekers, which has left several thousand people stranded in Serbia.
    “We all are humans and we are all here because we have lots of problems in our own country,” said Sayed Mohsen Shah, from Pakistan.

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