Hurricane Humor From New Orleans

Discussion in 'Bizarre and Off-Beat News' started by mysteriew, Oct 22, 2005.

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    The grimy residue of receded floodwater covered the blue Chevrolet pickup parked outside a shattered two-story house, but the offer spray-painted on the vehicle in white overflowed with enthusiasm: "For Sale. Like New. Runs Great."

    The tongue-in-cheek sale pitch in this New Orleans suburb is evidence that Hurricanes Katrina and Rita didn't necessarily destroy victims' sense of humor, which is surfacing in signs painted on wrecked homes and on bumper stickers and inevitable T-shirts.

    Friday night in the French Quarter, a musician taking a break between songs at a restaurant blurted out: "We're all trying here in New Orleans to get back to abnormal."
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    That is really cute and so appropo in my thinking of New Orleans and the great humor that goes with it. Gosh, I miss so much of that. I hope one day that this city will have a modicum of its old self...with self-deprecating humor and warts and all. I know we would like everything to be pleasantville but it is just not possible. So some cities just exude the humor that we may have missed on our road and some should be backtracked in case we missed it.

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