I think I have been scammed.. genuine mistake

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by jenga2018, Jan 30, 2021.

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    Hi All,
    I have been stupid and followed my heart instead of my head.
    Background - My mother died on 1st Nov 2020 leaving my father who has Alzheimer's alone. I have been caring for him ever since. He can't drive and doesn't get out near enough. He is 77 and has been a keen fisherman all his life. We used to go to North Wales every year for holidays. Anyway, I decided to buy a van, convert it into a camper and take him out on mini breaks and days out.
    Saw an ad on ebay - good price, called seller who seemed trustworthy and honest on the phone. The van is 4 hrs away from me. I did a lot of checks online on the van.Paid for an enhanced check to make sure it wasn't stolen or anything. All good
    I asked for his full post code as we were originally going to drive there today to pick it up. My husband suggested asking him to deliver it if we paid him. I called him back and offered this option and he went off to ask a mate if he was free this weekend. He called me back later on and said yes all good, £250. plus £990 deposit on the van (advertised for £5950). I agreed. He sent me his wifes bank details and i transferred the £1200. Called him a couple of times since and he has picked up. But since yesterday - radio silence. He was expecting to be here at my house at 11.30am today. It 10.45am now, still no reply on his phone (seems switched off).
    So I have - his mobile no, post code, wife's bank details and the vehicle details.
    Is there anyway of finding out if I have in fact been scammed (I don't think I am ready to accept I have been so stupid) ? Please don't judge me. This is out of character for me and I can only assume my emotions got the better of me.

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    Hopefully the mate is just running late for some reason - fingers crossed for you. (Was the van in north Wales? Feel free to privately message me if you want help investigating the postcode).
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    Has he shown up?

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