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IA - Autumn Steele, 34, killed by a stray police bullet, Burlington, Jan 2015

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by CuriousGuy, Jan 14, 2015.

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  2. al66pine

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    Confusion about state above thread title?

    IIRC, story relates to former resident of Columbus GA shot & killed in Burlington Iowa

    From above link (Columbus GA newspaper or TV station?)
    "COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Authorities in Iowa are investigating the death of a woman originally from Columbus [GA].
    Autumn Steele, 34, was killed earlier this week when a police officer slipped on the snow and
    discharged his weapon in Burlington, Iowa. The stray bullet, intended to fend off Steele's dog, struck her and killed her
    in front of her husband and young son."

    Sad, sad, sad.
  3. MsFacetious

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    Looks like the kid had probably witnessed a lot of crap in his life already. :twocents:

    This could have been prevented by the victim in several ways.

    Shovel your sidewalk.
    Keep your dog restrained.
    Don't beat the crap out of your spouse. :twocents:


    A neighbor, Ed Ranck, told The Hawk Eye newspaper that he watched as the officer was trying to break up an argument and then he was startled by the couple's German shepherd dog.


    Less than hour before Tuesday's shooting, Autumn Steele was released from a county jail on a charge of domestic abuse assault causing injury.
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  4. Sonya610

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    The cop was escorting the woman home to collect her things. He didn't just shoot once, he apparently fired multiple times when he became frightened by the playful dog.

    Moral of the story is keep cops AWAY from your dogs, far too many LEOs will open fire on a dog for little or no reason. It happens way more than people think, cops answering false home alarm calls, cops searching in fenced yards for missing children etc....open fire on dogs in their own home/yard merely for barking at the officer.

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  5. YESorNO

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    Iowa woman fatally shot by cop in front of toddler to receive $2 million settlement (with clip)

    "The family of an Iowa woman who was holding her toddler when she was fatally shot to death by a police officer will reportedly receive $2 million as part of a wrongful death settlement.

    Autumn Steele, 34, was accidentally shot and killed in 2015 by officer Jesse Hill, who was responding to a domestic abuse call. Hill claimed he fired his weapon after a German shepherd attacked him. The bullet struck Steele in the chest and the arm, according to The Gazette. Hill also hit the family’s dog, who ultimately survived the injury, the paper reported....

    The family claimed in a 2016 suit that Hill shot his weapon in “unreasonable, unnecessary and reckless manner,” The Gazette reported.

    Steele’s mother, Gina Colbert, said the $2 million settlement was “recognition” by both the city of Hill that he “acted in a wrongful and unjustified manner in shooting and killing my beautiful daughter,” according to the Gazette...."

    Iowa woman fatally shot by cop in front of toddler to receive $2 million settlement

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