IA IA - Daughter Alleges Father (Donald Studey) is Serial Killer - Searches Yielded No Evidence - Thurman

Lucy has made life hell for her sisters and continues to do so. And she still has absolutely nothing to support her wild stories.
How do you know this? In what way has she created hell for them? Do you mean because she has made the allegations public?

I'm asking seriously. I'm always the first to admit if I've been wrong, when I am. Actually I consider that to be one of my better character traits! But I need facts. Or at least specific examples of why you have come to that conclusion.

I look at her original page and see just the opposite. It wasn't helpful to her case that she allowed at least one of the sisters to devolve publicly; IMO that should have remained private. And she should not have engaged. But when someone has been hurt and bullied for so long, especially by a close sibling, especially with huge issues such as these, it's often hard to react in an adult manner. In this case it was a pretty steep learning curve but it seems to me that she has learned her lessons well!

She DOES have corroborating witnesses to the surrounding circumstances of the allegations, almost every time. It's just the actual murders and disposals that remain unwitnessed.

Would you expect otherwise?

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