IA IA - Erin Pospisil, 15, Cedar Rapids, 3 June 2001

Discussion in '2000's Missing' started by Richard, Nov 10, 2004.

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    very sad :( JMO but I don't think EP is alive, just from what I've read I don't feel like she was a girl who would leave out-of-the-blue and never contact her family again.
    Was looking for girls matching her description on NamUs - opened it up to Caucasian/Hispanic/Asian because imo EP looks ethnically ambiguous. Honestly none of these UID's jump out to me as Erin, mostly due to them being far away from Iowa :(

    NamUs #UP2484 - white/hispanic female found in a desert grave. don't think this is likely as it was far away from iowa and UID was few inches shorter. UID has distinct nail art - anyone know if EP wore nails like this?
    NamUs #UP13225 - white/hispanic female found in open desert. same height as UID. Found 'reddish brown' hair nearby, BUT also far away from iowa.
    NamUs #UP1051 - white female found in the woods. PMI would require EP to have died little while after she disappeared. Found long dark hair in UID's hand (no head :eek:). Had spina bifida but that can be undiagnosed.
    NamUs #UP55863 - legs of a young white female found in a dumpster. Loosely estimated height fits with EP.
    NamUs #UP6567 - young hispanic adult found in remote desert, buried under rocks and may have been burned. NamUs suggests this was done by migrants but I'm guessing that's just due to her race/location. Same height, dark brown hair w reddish hue.
    NamUs #UP1983 - young hispanic female found murdered in a burned building. Weight is a little less than EP's reported weight. One of the only people i could find with a facial reconstruction, and i do actually think it looks like EP! only thing is UID has ears pierced, but i don't think EP's ears are pierced in her pictures...
    NamUs #UP12167 - white female found by some woods/train tracks. Would require EP to be alive for a few years post disappearance, and facial reconstruction doesn't look like her. Added her because heights were the same, and this was the closest UID to cedar rapids (about 4 hour drive - but I guess if this was years later it wouldn't have mattered).

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