IA IA - Kimberly Ratliff, 22, Council Bluffs, 12 Jan 1999

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    Kimberly Marie Ratliff Unsolved Homicide

    On Tuesday, January 12, 1999, Kimberly Ratliff, 22, was found in a car left in the parking lot of People’s Natural Gas at 1414 West Broadway in Council Bluffs, Iowa. She had been viciously mutilated and nearly decapitated.

    An employee made the discovery at about 10:40 am on January 12, 1999. It is believed the car with the body inside had been parked on the lot over the weekend. To this day, no witnesses have come forward and police have not been able to gather enough evidence to charge anyone with the crime. Anyone with information is asked to call (712) 328-4765 or (712) 328-7876.



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