IA IA - Ricky Morehouse, 2, Kent, 3 March 2001

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    There's not a lot of info on this, but I think this story needed to be told..

    Ricky Neal “Little Ricky” Morehouse Jr.
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    Ricky Neal “Little Ricky” Morehouse, III, burned to death in the upstairs bathroom of his biological mother’s home in Kent, Iowa, on Saturday night, March 3, 2001. Rick Morehouse, Jr. and his identical twin brother, Reggy, had been spending the weekend with their mother, Rachel Page, when the fire was set and Little Ricky was killed. Reggy, however, was unhurt and free of injury.

    Rick Morehouse Jr., the father to Little Ricky and Reggy, separated from Rachel Page shortly after the birth of the twins. A bitter custody battle ensued with Rick wanting to gain full custody of his sons. According to reports, Rachel had anger control problems and was listed on the Department of Human Services' Child Abuse Registry, so custody was awarded to the father, Rick. Rachel, however, was granted unsupervised visits with her sons.

    During the month of March in 2001, the twins were spending the weekend with their mother at her two-story home in Kent, Iowa. Rick was working a late shift on March 3rd, 2001. Moments after he arrived home late at night, law enforcement went to his house and informed him that there had been a fire at the twin's mother's home. Rick made the 2 hour trip to the hospital to see his son. When he arrived, he was told his son Ricky Jr., was dead. Reggy, meanwhile, was safe. There were no working smoke detectors in the house.

    When law enforcement sat down with Rachel to find out what happened, her story was this...The electricity had failed that night, so she went to the basement to fix the fuses so she could restore electricity. Shortly after checking in on the twins, the electricity then failed a second time, she said, even though no outages were reported that fateful night. Instead of trying to restore electricity for a second time, she decided that she would clean her car out that was in the driveway. The temperature that night was below freezing. While cleaning her car out, she saw a blaze shooting out of one of her upstairs rooms. She attempted to go back into the house and save her kids, but was only able to save Reggy.

    Rachel's neighbor, who called 911, and Rachel’s aunt Linda Roach, both of whom lived nearby, were two of the first on the scene. Rachel was standing in the yard with Reggy when they arrived. It was stated that the only surviving twin wasn't injured and had no detectable smell of smoke. Fire fighters eventually found Ricky Jr., but only after the blaze was extinguished.

    After the fire investigation, it was determined that an accelerant of some sort was used to start the fire. It was also determined that the accelerant was poured onto little Ricky Jr. while he was in the bathroom, and the bathroom door was shut, so little Ricky Jr. could not escape. Apparently the fire spread so fast and intense, little Ricky fell through the collapsed bathroom floor where Little Ricky's body was found much later.

    The autopsy showed that little Ricky Jr. had burned to death but did not die of smoke inhalation as if the child had been burned alive. Due to these discoveries, LE asked Rachel to take a lie detector test, which she agreed to do but failed. But due to a lack of evidence, no arrests have been made, and no charges filed. This case remains 'unsolved.'

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    This lady needs to be in jail. Man this poor little guy.

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    Mom needs to be leaned on a little harder to tell the truth, because her story sucks .

    Its also possible he was already dead when he was lit on fire, and the fire destroyed the evidence of what she did to that baby.

    Even burned alive there would most likely be some evidence, of smoke in his lungs.
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    The disgusting thing about this case is that it is "unsolved," however, everyone is confident the mother did this. It appears her uncle was an attorney and got her out of a LOT of things, including this. You can read for yourself the comments people that KNOW this woman have made - https://iowacoldcases.org/case-summaries/ricky-morehouse/.

    The horror of what was done to this 2-year-old is beyond words. This one really boils the blood. I usually say someone always knows, but in this case ...everyone knows......

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