GUILTY IA - TereseAnn Lynch, 30, Des Moines, 11 Nov 2009

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    TereseAnn Lynch. Murdered 11/11/2009. Although this is a solved case with a recent conviction, her mother tells her daughter's story (links below) and really allows people to see who the face of domestic violence is - it can be anyone. This is a subject near and dear to my heart.

    TereseAnn was killed by her estranged husband when he kidnapped her from a Target parking lot, took her to his apartment where he shot and killed her. Before he killed her, he texted everyone who knew the two of them, and told them what his intentions were. Many people witnessed the kidnapping and called 911, several people followed them and gave the info to LE, but the police were unable to rescue her.

    He shot a responding officer who went to the door, and SWAT was called out. He barricaded himself in the apartment and eventually surrendered.

    He was just sentenced to 3 life terms a few weeks ago, and during his sentencing he told the court he had no remorse and TereseAnn got what she deserved-she brought it on herself. This POS professed to love his infant son soooo much, that he killed his son's mother. What a coward.

    The following links have the story of TereseAnn's life and murder. They are well worth watching. Her story is both moving and disturbing.

    Part 1: Her life.,0,5693696.story

    Part 2: Her kidnapping and murder.

    Part 3: How her mother has helped change the laws in IA.

    Her Facebook Memorial Page.:angel:!/group.php?gid=212437454545&v=wall

    POS's sentencing.
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    This is an almost identical story of my Sweet cousin Sloan :( her son was 4 though

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