ID - 4 Univ of Idaho Students Murdered - Bryan Kohberger Arrested - Moscow # 56

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Maybe it's not exactly what you have in mind, but they have video of his car on various cameras in both directions. I don't know whether any footage can conclusively be identified as his vehicle, but it's much more damning when combined with cell phone location data showing him in the same area.
I also think it turned out to be a mistake that he left it until after the murder to change to Washington plates - since one thing unique about the car that night was it had no front plate.
I am disbelieving of all the media bs that makes him look like a monster, because he very well is not a monster.
You don't have to pay a second of attention to the media. Simply read the PCA and you have all the info you need to see that he is very, very likely guilty. That doesn't mean that he doesn't get the presumption of innocence in the court, but I mean ...
Why do you think he returned to the crime scene around 9-9:30 a.m the morning of the murders?
Remember, the 911 call didn't come until noon.
This was his big performance, including:
Enter stage left.
Lights, camera, action & improvisations.

Exit stage left.
then wait for his version of

Sick you-know-what.
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Well, I think this is an empirical question that will eventually be clear, but for now, if "Also" had a comma after it, it would have a totally different meaning, and a lot of people don't use commas properly. IMHO

I wondered about that too since we've always heard that someone, presumably one of the persons that the two survivors called, saw a body on the second floor. If they had walked from the stairs to the bedroom they would have seen two bodies, X and E. It will eventually be clarified.

ETA: reminds me of that sentence that was going around in the seventies. Woman without her man is nothing. Male students wrote it as, Woman, without her man, is nothing. Female students wrote, Woman, without her, man is nothing.
I haven't seen discussion of Kohberger's long road trip on the afternoon/evening of November 13, but the threads are moving so fast. Kohberger's travel that day are documented in the PCA beginning at the bottom of page 16).

To summarize, Kohberger drove east at least as far as Johnson, Idaho, about 100 miles from Pullman, to the area around the Nez Pearce - Clearwater National Forest. His phone pinged and he was spotted on surveillance camera at several locations in Clarkston, WA. He left Albertson's grocery store at 1:04. It's about 75 miles to Johnson, an hour and a half drive. The next pings detailed in the PCA are 4.5 hours later: in Johnson, Idaho between 5:32 and 5:36. The phone then stopped connecting to the network until 8:30.

It's not clear where the 8:30pm ping occurred. This sentence (from page 18) confuses me. BBM.

What does the sentence in bold mean? Does it mean BK was in Moscow at 8:30? On the route the indirect route he used immediately after the murder (driving south on 95 toward Genesee, then west to Uniontown, Idaho; then north to Pullman, Washington.)

As for the purpose of the trip, it seems to me that Kohberger drove east into a remote area to clean the car thoroughly and dispose of evidence, perhaps using supplies he purchased at Albertson's. He may have burned the clothes he'd worn to commit the crime. I don't think he would have thrown the knife somewhere where it could not be retrieved, like a river. I think he carefully selected a place to hid it where he retrieve it eventually. I wonder if the phone turning on for 4 minutes only at 5:32 was Kohberger getting the GPS coordinates or taking photos of features near the location he could use as markers. JMO>
That sentence made no sense to me either. I don't think it means anything, reads more like a copy/paste mistake.

By Martha Bellisle • Published 4 hours ago​

''While there is still more evidence needed, police looked at phone records, DNA, and video footage of his car to identify the suspect in the murders of four University of Idaho students, according to the affidavit. NBC10's Johnny Archer has the details.

- Nov. 13, 2022: Footage from security videos show the suspect's vehicle in the King Road neighborhood starting at 3:29 a.m. Police say it made three passes by the house and made a fourth pass at about 4:04 a.m. before leaving the area at a high rate of speed at about 4:20 a.m.

- Nov. 13, 2022: Surveillance video recorded the suspect vehicle in Pullman and the WSU campus around 5:25 a.m.

- Nov. 13, 2022: Investigators tracking Kohberger's phone said it left his residence at about 9 a.m. and traveled to Moscow. It pinged cellular services that would cover the King Road home between 9:12 a.m. and 9:21 a.m. It then traveled back to the Kohberger home at about 9:32 a.m.

- Nov. 13, 2022: There was no police response to the killings until later in the day.

- Nov. 18, 2022: Bryan Kohberger changed the registration of his white Elantra from Pennsylvania plates to Washington state license plates.

- Nov. 25, 2022: Law enforcement were on the lookout for a Hyundai Elantra.

- Nov. 29, 2022: A WSU police officer learned that a 2015 white Elantra with a Pennsylvania license plate was registered to Bryan Kohberger. The officer tracked down Kohberger's driver's license and noted that he was a white male, 6-feet tall and weighed about 185 pounds (83.91 kilograms). His photograph showed bushy eyebrows.

- Dec. 13, 2022: Kohberger's vehicle was seen in Loma, Colorado.

- Dec. 15, 2022: Kohberger, traveling to Pennsylvania with his father, was stopped by law enforcement in Hancock County, Indiana.

- Dec. 23, 2022: Officials obtained a warrant to search Kohberger's phone records. They show that the phone was in Pullman at 2:42 a.m. on Nov. 13, 2022 but then stops reporting to the network. It does not connect again until 4:48 a.m.

- Dec. 29, 2022: Based on the information gathered, law enforcement secured an arrest warrant for Bryan Kohberger. He was taken into custody early in the morning by the Pennsylvania State Police at a home in Chestnuthill Township.

- Jan. 3, 2023: Kohberger appeared at Pennsylvania’s Monroe County Courthouse and agreed to waive extradition in order to be moved back to Idaho to face charges.

- Jan. 4, 2023: Kohberger arrived in Moscow on a small plane.

- Jan. 5, 2023: Kohberger made his first court appearance in Latah County and the court records in the case have been unsealed.''

It's so interesting that they gave the public info that the Elantra is 2011-2013 when they knew it was 2015 on Nov 29th. I wonder if they were trying to get him to relax and hopefully make a mistake.
For those from the prior thread who were saying the white car is a chevy (it is, the car behind the reporter) maybe this clarifies a bit: it's the car driving nearby in the upper right hand corner of the video. Apologies if someone already clarified this in the prior thread but it's hard to keep up!

View attachment 393285
Does anyone know if this video coincides with BK's erratic driving around?
""I think he was in a rush to get out of the house," Kelly said. "Usually with these types of killers, at a certain point — don't forget, he's tired. He's killed a number of people already. At this point in time, maybe something's getting to him and he just wants to put himself between him and the bodies as quick as possible. He just wants to get out of dodge as fast as he can."

The expert said the murderer likely believed staying in the home to kill a fifth victim would have been riskier than escaping more quickly, given that he was reportedly clad in all black and had a mask obscuring at least part of his face.

"I think he just had his fill for the night and wanted out of there," Kelly said."

Stunning new Idaho murder detail shows killer appeared to want to 'get out of dodge'

Maybe after the loud thump that causes the dog to bark, he knows it's time to boogie.
Body/Survivor position during murders - please let me know if this needs to be updated. These are not my floorplans, previously posted with link a month ago.

View attachment 393361
The floor plan leads me to believe that the murderer (presumably BK) was coming from X's room when DM saw him. There is no way she could see him walking towards her if he was coming down the stairs. He then presumable walked toward the kitchen to exit out the sliding door.

I believe M & K were killed first and then X & E.
Hey, Otto!

She ran to the basement? How did I miss that? I thought she closed and locked her bedroom door.

Yeah, I get it, but to turn off your phone just for the time of the crime, that's silly. It leaves an obvious hole. I think that he was so compulsive that the urge to bring his phone along was irresistible (by compulsive, I also mean obsessed, wrapped up in the emotions he was having regarding stalking whoever, maybe looking at her social media). He knew it was dumb, but did it anyway. Or, he was super naive, this doesn't fit with his history of being a criminology student.
He must have assumed LE would only check for cell phones that were in the area at the time of the murders. Oops.
Having read the affidavit numerous times, I do not have reasonable doubt that BK is innocent. He is guilty, based on the details in the affidavit, imo. Yet, I see people saying they could not convict - they need more evidence. We all have our own opinions. Still, I'm reminded of the news that broke on Aug. 16, 1977: Elvis was found dead in his Memphis home. Those reports, of course, led millions of people to immediately believe that Elvis was alive.

Same as it ever was . . .
Appreciate the Talking Heads reference!

There is an old saying that a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich, if that's what you wanted. The reason for that is that there are no defense arguments, rebuttals or contested veracity in a Grand Jury. It is only one side of the story.

The same is true of a PCA.
IMO, yes- an awesome book-it’s all about intuition.

IMO, this makes me suspicious in and of itself. If you look at the big picture, this all seems TOO EASY. For a criminology student to do this is bs. Let me guess that dna that was found was precisely placed on the knife sheath snap. I D K. BK has a history of being picked on, so I am guessing that he is a sort of mild milquetoast personality. He’s either Mr. milquetoast or he can become aggressive. A lot of people who are mild mannered don’t know how to handle bullies or people that “ push buttons”. I also know that people don’t like to be DISRESPECTED. I am disbelieving of all the media bs that makes him look like a monster, because he very well is not a monster. INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY. Just look at what the media did to Amanda Knox.

Well then, I hope he will tell us to whom he lent his car to all the times it traveled around the vicinity of the victims. I hope he will tell us who had his phone, I hope he will tell us who placed his single source DNA on the knife sheath. In the meantime, there is a monster among us and so far, it looks like it is BK. The media didn't make him look like a monster, IMO the crime did, and he is the suspect in the crime. It could have been Mr. Rogers named as the suspect and he would get the same scrutiny, it's not picking on poor Mr. BK
The pictures reveal what is a single bed, or some call a twin bed. Really in the grand scheme of things that doesn't matter IMO. I don't think the defense can wrangle one bit of info from that statement that could help the suspect BK.
I’ve only seen the photos from the Daily Mail of beds being removed, one placed in a black truck and one in a white truck, they look like queen size to me, or at least full size. At certain angles I can see how they look smaller but I don’t think that’s the case. Jmo

Daily Mail photos
Strong disagree. In the world of legal documents, this document clearly indicates that both are in the same room, the room to which the officer writing the report was directed, where both bodies were.

Also, every other update by LE has said the same thing (two bedrooms, two sets of bodies, no mention of living rooms, kitchens or halls).

Again, your interpretation. The language in the affidavit is vague. Just the fact that several people have a different interpretation throws out the possibility that it's clear, IMO.

This scenario would explain
a: the extremely tight almost unbelievable timeline
b: the ridiculous panicky drive bys/attempted parks past the house/in immediate neighbourhood between 3.29am and 4.04am

This scenario is premised on my speculations that emotional meltdown/investment overtook booksmarts for BK on the morning of the murders.

BK's Car (Suspect 1 Car) is recorded driving on past at 4.04am after attempting to park/uturn. if we speculate he parked immediately after this, somewhere down road from the house, how long would that take? I'm saying at least 2 mins. So that takes us to 4.06am at a minimum. Getting out, walking to house, going to slider, entering house, I'm saying that would take at least 2 mins. That takes us to 4.08am. Now I don't think he could have been inside the house until at least 4.08am but it COULD have been later, so conservatively I'm speculating 4.08 to 4.12 am. We know from neighbour CCTV audio immediately adjacent to X/E room that at 4.17am there is a thump, we know that street camera/cctv/ring has BK (Suspect Car 1) leaving street (which street is not specified) at 4.20 am. Everything DM hears and sees appears to happen after 4am up until she sees BK heading towards her, and then PCA evidence suggests he left. I give him 3 mins minimum to leave, get back in his car, start it and drive away, which means he probably exited house at 4.17am immediately after the thump. To my mind it is entirely possible that BK spent only 5 - 9 minutes in the house IMO - 4.08am-4.12am to 4.17am. IMO, Perhaps with 9 mins he could murder all four. Even perhaps with 7 mins (arrival time 4.10am), but not with 5 mins IMO.

I want to combine the above with consideration of the gap in timeline that exists, AT PRESENT. that is between 2.53am when Suspect Car 1 is caught leaving Pullman by camera, and 3.29am when Suspect Car 1 is first caught by cameras doing ridiculous drive bys/uturn in immediate neighbourhood of house. The drive bys have this desperate/panicky quality of the emotionally unhinged and deeply invested. Could this emotional meltdown quality be related to a sense of lost control? What triggered that? What triggered a ridiculous lack caution? My mind goes to the sheath. I think BK could have been looking to collect his sheath, which he had already accidently left behind earlier in the 3rd floor room.MOO.

Speculation only based on what is not in the PCA timeline: Sometime at say 3am, or just afterwards, BK parked in pre-prepared spot, out of neighborhood, as per plan, as per awareness of cameras and risk of car being caught in the actual street of the target house/individuals, walked unseen to house, entered unseen and unheard, went to third floor, murdered K/M (as per plan), dropped sheath (as NOT per plan), left unseen and unheard (as per plan) and reutuned to car. It is now, say, around 3.20/3.25am when back at his car BK notices the sheath is gone. Plans went to nothing, loss of control, horrors, no caution. Cue evidence between 3.29am and 4.20am as outlined in PCA...

Ofcouse, it's likely LE didn't collect Camera footage on all possible routes between Pullman and King street neighbourbood between 2.53am and 3.29am on morning of November 13th so I do realise this must remain as total speculation. I just think it would explain in a logical sense the tight timeline and BK's ridiculous driving behaviour between 3.29am and 4.20am. MOO
BK when he was in high school and much heavier. This is a 2011 picture from high school year book and he is doing push ups in uniform for an LE class.
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