ID - 4 University of Idaho Students Murdered - Moscow # 33

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Regarding the video of the noise complaint from 1st September), maybe it’s just me but I find it odd that a party is going on at the house & none of the actual housemates are there? Just wondering if this is normal in college towns? MOO
Early in the video you can hear someone say "Kaylee." Next the door is opened by B - or at least it does look like B. So, I do think some of the housemates were actually there but not willing to deal with police. So those two guys who didn't live there were sent to the door and when police made it clear they were not going away until they talked to a resident, they probably had Maddie (and yes, I think she was probably there) go in a bedroom and talk on the phone pretending she was not there. And yes, I've seen this kind of behavior out of college kids before. But, I want to say, this is an incredibly unsafe situation to live in. I wish the parents had educated these girls about this because they literally didn't know who was coming or going to/from their house. Literally anyone who could blend in with college kids could have been driving around looking for a party and easily come into the house during the party, learned the layout of the house, stolen stuff and more. And, yes, this could have easily led to this tragedy. But all too often college kids and even teens will have this type of party.
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Let me start with the statement that I am not saying that A has anything to do with this.

IMO the quick exchange between M&K is the most interesting info that we have seen. To me it speaks volumes that K had things going on that were secretive - I’m not speculating with whom or exactly what. But if you tell someone “everything…. Everything…” it tells me that there are secrets and with secrets come potential motives. I would wager a lot of money, that the conversation with A involves info that relates to the murders.

To be clear, I’m not saying I think A is involved at all. Just that the conversation they had was very important to this case.
The calls that KG made to her ex-bf, wonder if the dog was acting funny, sensing the someone was outside, and she was calling to a) see if it was him (trying to scare her?) or b) wanting him to come over because she was scared? Might also have been that innate "Spidey sense" for lack of a better word, that some have when they are being watched? She did have the stalker, so maybe she thought the dog's reaction might have been to that? Would also explain her wanting Maddie to stay in her room with her. I keep thinking the killer was watching from behind the house, waited until the upstairs lights went out and made his way in through the sliding glass door.

Also wondering if the killer was mad (would have to be enraged for some reason?) that KG was leaving or perhaps had mentioned someone was creeping her out, and possibly mad at roommates for supporting KG's decision to leave and head for Texas?

Also if victims were stabbed in bed, possiblity that killer's non-dominant hand might have left a print, gloved or not, as support on the bed while he held the knife in his other hand? At least that might narrow killer down to left or right-handed plus approximate hand size. Not much, but maybe useful to exclude subjects / narrow the field a bit. Same for shoe prints, wearing booties or not, unless so much foot traffic before the scene was secured messed up evidence. General show size, i.e. 11-12 vs say 8-10, could say a bit about the likely stature if the suspect. Length of stride, etc.

Maybe she had more than one stalker? One harmless, maybe unknowingly masking one pure evil? Could killer have known there was another stalker, one that might be a useful patsy? Sounds crazy, but so much doesn't make sense with this case.

Normally would guess a killer would bug out after his crime, but after RA in Delphi, going on with work and life as if nothing had happened, that town must be terrified.

All moo, as I can't sleep, wondering what must have gone on. Those poor kids.
I think it would be interesting to know if it was common for her/them to call J. Maybe they frequently drunk dialed him so not unusual.
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