ID - 4 University of Idaho Students Murdered - Moscow # 6

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The article I'd linked in the previous thread, and repeated below the cut ; seemed to indicate LE have cleared : Roommates, ex-boyfriend (of whom you are referring to ?) and the food truck man ??
If this is not the case, I'm curious why they would make that statement ?
Unless it's to put the killer off guard ?
It wouldn't be the first time.


Sure, I'm just wondering if they say he's cleared to feed his own ego in hopes he'll let something slip to his friends or something like that. I get the feeling that whoever committed the crime has a very inflated view of their own intelligence, which is another reason why I think it's a college age person. I have no idea if police are allowed to do that sort of thing however.
I don't know about this, I had a gun held to my head when I was car-jacked in my own driveway,I was incapable of screaming, I tried really hard but in the moment I was petrified still and my scream was barely more than a squeak.
If they were asleep and it happened quickly, I would think that they would be unaware of the initial attack and possibly didn't have the chance to make enough noise to wake the housemates.

Yeah, no one knows how they will react until it happens to them. Don't forget, it's fight, flight, freeze, or fawn. A lot of people freeze.
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