ID - Christopher Holverson, 18, Madison County, 16 May 1998

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    Chris Holverson has been missing for over 17 years. He was camping with some friends when he reportedly left the campsite without explanation and never returned. A search of the area turned up no clues on what could have happened to him. His missing status is usually listed as "lost or injured" but some people believe that the other individuals from that night may be withholding crucial information that could explain his disappearance. Some believe that he may have left on his own accord. Multiple theories exist but none have emerged as a definite explanation and his case remains unsolved.


    Charley Project

    Idaho's Cold Case File

    May 16, 1998 marks the disappearance of 18-year old Christopher “Chris” Holverson of Idaho Falls. Chris and a mix of friends and other adults went camping at Table Rock Campground, near the border of Madison and Bonneville County. Chris was wearing a dark blue track suit with white stripes down the legs and across the front, sneakers and wire-rimmed glasses. His fellow campers claim he left the campsite without explanation and never returned. Ground searches over a large grid area were unsuccessful.

    His disappearance has been a point of contention amongst many in the area. Some believe he walked away to start a new life. Others think he got lost and succumbed to the elements. A growing number of people say those who went with him on the trip are not telling the truth. Did something go wrong at that campsite? Were there drugs or alcohol involved, as some deny — yet others insist?

    If you have information about the disappearance of Christopher Lynn Holverson in 1998, contact a Detective at the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, 208-356-5426. You can also report information anonymously to Crime Stoppers Idaho Falls – Bonneville County and they will pass the information along to authorities in Madison County.

    Gone without a Trace - June 11, 2015

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