If not for the persistent reporter huh.

Discussion in 'The Manson Family' started by pphloyd, Jan 23, 2019.

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    I saw the ABC special on Manson killings. I really liked hearing the story of the Sacramento ? A reporter denied access to the crime scene , he goes off hoping to get a long shot of the home , but stops at a gravel spot on the shoulder of the road then sees a bloody rag and what looks like a knife handle, knowing this must be checked out he returns to the perimeter cop who , thinks it is nothing ,but tells a Det. who also isn't concerned. Later the lead Det. says we have nothing , it is then the other Det. tells about the claim of the possible knife , the lead Det. wants to see it but they can't find the place, they contact other reporters and find the Sacramento guy , and with flash lights finally recover the murder weapon .

    so yeah the police need help sometimes

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