IL-Betty Loren Maltese' -released to halfway home

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    Loren-Maltese pleaded with Grady in November to allow her to keep her homes, furniture and belongings. She said she was 11 months behind in her mortgage for the Las Vegas home, which was filled with 10-year-old furniture of ''fire sale value.''

    Her ailing mother, Kitty Loren, was living there with Loren-Maltese's daughter until Kitty Loren became legally blind, Loren-Maltese said. The government didn't move to seize the home until her mother moved out, she said in a court filing.

    ''The health condition of defendant's mother is now causing the defendant to be penalized,'' Loren-Maltese wrote in a court filing, saying the government told her it wouldn't take the home if a minor was living inside.

    I would be less funny if we the tax payers weren't paying for the 'tupidity.

    But decades and generations later, this is where you tax dollars go folks.
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