IL - Cathleen Lewis, 59, beaten to death in her Naperville home, 8 June 2011

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    Naperville police are continuing their investigation into the murder of a 59-year–old woman found dead Wednesday night in her townhome on the city’s south side.

    Cathleen A. Lewis was apparently beaten to death in her home on the 2300 block of Worthing Drive, according to the Will County Coroner’s Office.

    Lewis was pronounced dead at 7:47 p.m. Wednesday.

    An autoposy performed Wednesday concluded that Lewis sustained multiple head injuries.

    According to police spokesman Sgt. Gregg Bell, officers came out to conduct a routine well-being check at the Worthing Drive home, and discovered the woman dead.

    A neighbor said “numerous police cars” were on the scene shortly before dark, and the residence was cordoned off with crime scene tape.

    A number of squad cars were still around the townhome building Thursday afternoon.

    A neighbor of Lewis, who did not want to be identified, said the murder was heartbreaking.

    “It’s very, very sad,” she said.

    Friedrich-Jones Funeral Home is handling the arrangements.
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    Police Believe Naperville Woman Cathleen Lewis Knew Her Killer

    Sgt. Gregg Bell says there are no signs of forced entry or items missing from Cathleen Lewis' condo after her murder. Lewis' brother has been listed as missing person.

    By Ben Gross | Email the author | June 10, 2011

    Mark R. Lewis, 51, of Lakemoor, IL (her brother) is listed as a missing person and has not been heard from in several days.

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