IL - Chicago, UnsFem UP10833, 45-70, wrapped in red blanket, Jun'12

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    NamUs UP Case 10833

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Unidentified Unsure female
    * Found June 16, 2012 in Cook County, IL
    * Estimated Year of Death: to

    Vital Statistics
    * Estimated age:
    Adult Pre 70
    * Approximate Height: 64
    * Distinguishing Characteristics: nothing.

    * Dentals: Dental information /charting is available and entered

    * Clothing/Jewelry: nothing

    * DNA:
    Sample submitted - Tests complete

    Case History:
    Badly decomposed found wrapped in a blanket in vacant lot.
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    0 The exact location where this UID was found.

    Looking through Street View history, this block was full of houses and occupied in July of 2007 (earliest Street View history available). In 2012, several houses were slicked. This continued in 2014, and the current (Nov. 2015) view, the area is much more barren. The lot the UID was found had a duplex on the lot till at least October of 2012.
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    maybe she was found by the crews getting ready to clear the structure?

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