Identified! IL - Freeport, Human Foot, Pecatonica River, Sept'09 - Stanley Driver

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    28 Sept 09

    Authorities say a human foot discovered in the Pecatonica River two months ago has been identified as belonging to 46-year-old Stanley Driver, a Freeport man who has been missing since Dec. 3, 2007.

    The Stephenson County Sheriff's Office announced the identification Monday morning.

    Investigators say some of the tissue and a piece of bone from the foot had been sent to a crime lab in Rockford for possible identification through DNA.

    The foot was found on July 26 near the Rock Hollow Conservation Club east of Freeport.

    Volunteers discovered the foot while cleaning up a log jam on the river during a Pecatonica River Cleanup Day.

    Driver had not contacted his family since his disappearance, and family members have said it was unlike him to leave without contacting somebody.
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