IL IL - Henry Wallace, 26, Springfield, 16 Oct 2004

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    Remains tentatively identified
    Family, police think they belong to man missing more than a year

    Family members believe the remains found buried on Springfield's southeast side Wednesday are those of 26-year-old Henry D. Wallace, who disappeared after leaving a party more than a year ago.

    Police investigators haven't made a definite identification, but they think the same thing and that he had been shot to death, The State Journal-Register has learned. "It's very hard. It's horrible," said Wallace's older brother, Tony Wallace, who lives in Minnesota. "The worst part is not knowing anything. Being so far away and trying to deal with that is just hard."

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    Poor guy. I hope they find out who did it -- maybe the person that gave them the tip?
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    Almost ten years after he was found, the murder of Henry Wallace remains unsolved.

    The information is from the Illinois Cold Case Facebook Page.

    Henry's body was found in a shallow grave in the 1900 block of Witchazel Drive more than a year after his mother reported him missing. He was believed to have been shot after a party at Mac's Lounge in October 2004. Police discovered Henry's skeletal remains on Feb. 15, 2006, near a wooded area northeast of Ash Street and Taylor Avenue. Wallace, 26, died of two gunshot wounds to the head, an autopsy showed. Investigators were acting on a tip from an informant when they found the body.


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