GUILTY IL - Jesse Thomas, 8, stabbed to death, North Chicago, 17 March 2006

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    WAUKEGAN, Ill. -- A Florida man has pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the stabbing death of the 8-year-old son of an active-duty female sailor at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station.

    Lebert Black, of Jacksonville, Fla., 42, was sentenced Wednesday to 60 years in prison in the March 17 stabbing of Jesse Thomas.

    He had pleaded not guilty earlier this month.

    Thomas was the son of Black's ex-girlfriend. Black stabbed the boy as he was trying to defend his mother during a fight at their home on the suburban Chicago base, said Lake County Assistant Public Defender Greg Ticsay, who represented Black.
    :clap: 60 years.I couldnt find the original thread for this.
    This was the scum who murdered the brave little boy trying to save his mom.
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    What an a$$hole! I have an 8 year old and I can just picture her jumping in to save me. Why was that mother not all over this creep to stop him from hurting her baby??? I would die myself before I let anyone hurt my kids.
    OT: In a town near where I live, a young mother returned to her home after an outing with her 8 year old son. A van pulled out of nowhere, a man jumped out and shot the mother 5 times in her abdomenal area as she was exiting her car. He then jumped back in the van and took off. The rear windows of the car were heavily tinted so the shooter did not see the child in the backseat or he would have been killed also, say the local LE. The mom called 911 and handed her cell to her son as she lay dying on the driveway. A man who was riding his bike down the street (a person in the Armed Forces) heard the gun shots and recognized the sound. He raced his bike to the house of the victim in time to get a description of the van as it took off. They found the van the next day, abandoned in a grocery store parking lot. They discovered that the perp had gone to the store the day before, asked for a map of the area and then purchased it with his credit card. They know who the guy is but they are having difficulty locating him in another state. Anyway the 8 year old is now motherless. SICK!

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