GUILTY IL - Joel Cacharelis, 40, murdered, Winnetka, 24 Feb 2003

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    This is a weird case. They just re-convicted this guy, David Kraybill, who lived two doors down from me in high school in the murder of this guy I knew in high school who lived a block away.

    The victim was a lifelong crook who the cops had busted a couple of times but overall had a really hard time getting anything on. The victim was killed the day after his lawyer had been in court asking that the case against his client (the victim) be tossed because, despite the fact that the victim was caught with a bunch of booty, a ton of house keys, and over a hundred grand he apparently had no source for, they couldn't get anything to stick on the guy.

    My former neighbor was convicted in the murder a second time despite the lack of a murder weapon, confession or motive. Weird case:,0,4428207.story
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