IL - Lawrence Crosby, 28, beaten and cuffed by cops, Evanston, Chicago, Oct 2015

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    Student tackled for stealing own car settles suit for $1.25M | Daily Mail Online

    A Chicago suburb has tentatively agreed to pay a former doctoral student $1.25million to settle a lawsuit alleging police officers tackled him to the ground and arrested him for stealing a car that turned out to be his own, his attorney said.

    Evanston City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz confirmed a settlement was reached with Lawrence Crosby, who was 25 and an engineering doctoral student at Northwestern University in 2015 when the incident occurred.

    Bobkiewicz declined to provide the amount of the settlement pending final approval by the City Council next week.

    upload_2019-1-23_12-53-8.jpeg upload_2019-1-23_12-53-23.jpeg

    Former Northwestern student wrongly accused of stealing a car settles with Evanston police

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