IL IL - MICHAEL JOHNSON, Chicago, 2008-2010

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    May 30, 2010 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- Authorities say DNA evidence led them to Michael Johnson, who is accused of strangling women on the Far South Side.

    Police said Sunday that a potential fourth victim Johnson allegedly left for dead actually survived the attack and later identified him.

    Johnson, 24, remained in police custody Sunday night after a judge ordered him held without bond. Investigators say they looking into whether Johnson is responsible for any more strangulation murders, including one that happened earlier this month.
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    "He choked me till I died" or at least he tought I was dead the fourth victim of Johnson's wrath and violence said. She met with Johnson and agreed on a $20 price for sex with Johnson and it immediately turned violent the victim said. He just jumped on top of her and choked her until he thought she was dead.

    This poor woman never reported this to LE. However when she saw him recently on the street she had two people hold him until cops came. She'd never forget his face she said. Now the victim feels awful she didn't call police immediately and perhaps the other women would be alive.

    How sad is that, poor lady. Thank goodness she did come forth. Prayers for all the victims who were murdered by this creep.,CST-NWS-serial31.article
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    Michael Johnson, now 30

    Sentenced on September 20, 2015, to 100 years for the murder of Leslie Brown in 2010.

    Sentenced in March 2014 to 90 years for the rape and brutal beating of his first known victim.

    Aug 2008 43-year-old rape victim - sentenced to 90 years, March 2014
    After meeting Johnson near a gas station by 111th and State streets, the woman agreed to have sex with him for money at the foreclosed home he had once lived in, according to prosecutors. When she refused an additional sex act, Johnson grabbed and choked her until she lost consciousness, prosecutors said. He beat and sexually assaulted her, then threw her off a second-story balcony, dragged her through a vacant lot and left her in an alley.

    Nov 2008 Eureka Jackson, 38, strangled
    ...found strangled in a boarded-up building on 120th Street, just over the border in the West Pullman neighborhood. Police found a piece of cloth tied from her neck to a closet door handle.

    Jan 2010 Leslie Brown, strangled - sentenced to 100 years, September 2015
    Brown's frozen and naked body was found on the second floor of an abandoned building by another woman who went there to get high, according to a police report. Like several of Johnson's victims, she was wearing only socks.

    Mar 2010 Candice Franklin - rape victim, testified at both trials (the victim referenced in previous posts)
    When she woke up, she could barely see, Franklin said. One eye was swollen, and her face was bloodied from the beating. She was naked from the waist down except for — like other victims — her socks. Her pants, purse and shoes were "neatly stacked up" along the wall of the apartment building, she said.

    Mar 2010 Siobhan Hampton, 30, strangled
    ...found near the front counter of a vacant Harold's Chicken Shack in the 11300 block of South Michigan, prosecutors said. Both Franklin and Johnson's first victim had known the outspoken Hampton, known as Shay.

    May 2010 Lutelda Hudson, 29, strangled
    Found in the rear stairwell of an abandoned building at 119th Street and Harvard Avenue, according to prosecutors.

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