IL - Norma Dart, 81, bludgeoned to death, Harvey, 26 Feb 2005

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    The details, a year after Norma Dart's murder, still sound as sketchy as a crackled call over a police radio: 81-year-old female bludgeoned to death at home, no forced entry.

    That is about all Dart's relatives, friends and neighbors can say, because it is all Harvey police have told them. The families of the other eight people killed in the rough-and-tumble south suburb in 2005 are in a similar situation; the crimes committed against their loved ones also remain unsolved.

    From Page 2 of the story:
    In December 2004, the department received a subpoena from the U.S. Treasury Department for the personnel files of 31 officers regarding their moonlighting at a strip club, officials said.

    Graves, a former police chief, said of the department, "It's just totally ridiculous.... My detectives worked. The department worked. It's just totally nothing now--absolutely nothing."

    Nothing is the response several victims' families say they get from the department.
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