IL IL - PAUL RUNGE, murdered at least 6 women and one child, 1990's

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    Jury selection began Monday in the case of accused serial killer Paul Runge.

    Runge is charged with killing six Chicago-area women and an 11-year-old girl between January 1995 and March 1997. He was arrested in 2001 after DNA tests allegedly linked him to two victims -- Yolanda Gutierrez and her daughter, Jessica Muniz.

    Runge, who potentially faces the death penalty if convicted, is on trial for the Gutierrez and Muniz slayings. He awaits trial in the other cases.

    Prosecutors said Runge, in 10 statements, freely confessed after he was confronted with the DNA evidence.
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    CHICAGO -- Jurors in a trial of an alleged serial killer on Friday viewed a videotape interview of the accused killer saying he acted alone in the slayings of a Chicago mother and her daughter.

    In the recording, Paul Runge recants previous statements he made implicating his ex-wife in the deaths of Yolanda Gutierrez and 11-year-old Jessica Muniz.

    Prosecutors said Runge sexually assaulted Gutierrez and Muniz, slashed their throats and set their apartment on fire in February 1997.

    In Runge's second videotaped statement, he said he lied in the first statement about his wife, and he alone did the killings

    Sounds like he is trying to save his wifes from prison .If she is guilty I hope they charge her too.:mad:

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