GUILTY IL - Robert Houchins for sexually assaulting two girls, Lincoln, 2004

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    Robert E. Houchins, 21, of the 100 block of Northville pleaded guilty Feb. 10 to two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, Class II felonies, under a plea agreement reached between Houchins, defense attorney Jeff Page of Springfield and Logan County State's Attorney Tim Huyett.

    In exchange for Houchins' guilty plea, Huyett agreed to recommend a six-year prison term rather than seek the maximum seven years for the Class II felonies. Huyett also dismissed two Class III aggravated battery charges.

    Under terms of the agreement, Houchins will face two years of mandatory supervised release on his release from prison, and pay court costs. He will receive 124 days credit for time spent in jail awaiting trial.

    Lincoln police arrested Houchins in December after he grabbed the breast of a 12-year-old girl and the buttocks of a 13-year-old girl on separate occasions as the girls were walking home from Lincoln Junior High School

    Terry Campbell of Sherman, a state-certified sex offender evaluator, met with Houchins after he pleaded guilty and diagnosed him with conduct disorder, Huyett said. In his report, Campbell said he considered Houchins to be among an extremely high range of sex offenders who will are likely to be a repeat offender within 10 years.

    "(Houchins) told his teacher in 1998 that he wanted to be a serial killer when he grew up," Huyett said. "And, if he couldn't be that, he wanted to be a Nazi who killed Jews.

    Huyett cited a pre-sentence report provided by the probation office that revealed other serious offenses Houchins committed as a juvenile, including several arsons and incidents when he tortured animals.

    Defense attorney Page agreed Houchins' past behavior demands a punishment stricter than probation

    But he also said sending Houchins to prison for crimes he has not committed simply because he adheres to the stereotypical characteristics of a repeat offender would be inappropriate.

    "We don't know what is going to happen with Mr. Houchins in the future," he said.
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