IL IL - Valerie Percy, 21, Kenilworth, 18 September 1966 #2

Betty P

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Oct 31, 2008
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I saw something that may be noteworthy (or not) in this article about the family stories when the house was destroyed by the new owner

Mystery, memories linger after demolition of former Percy home

The property included an indoor swimming pool and tennis court. Percy's wife, Loraine, recalled that the family hosted an open house for the neighbors every Sunday.

"Anyone could come," she said. "We put out a buffet.
On Thursday nights, we had a round robin tennis game."


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Dec 23, 2004
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Ok, that's the part that confuses me. If the dagger part was sharp enough to inflict 11 stab wounds to her chest, face, neck, etc. wouldn't the blade be too sharp to grasp and to bludgeon?

No, you don't have to grab the blade to use it as a bludgeon. If you're holding the knife like a butcher does when cutting meat, the butt end protrudes from the side of your hand behind the pinky. To strike someone in the head all you have to do is raise your hand above their head and swing quickly downward.


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Sep 14, 2004
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Here is a photo of the handle of an M1 Rifle Bayonet - the same type found in the lake behind the Percy home.

Note the Pommel - that portion of the handle to the left in the photo. It has a roughly triangular shape when viewed from the rear. Normally this part attaches to the bayonet lug on the rifle, while the hole in the hasp on the forward part of the handle (right in photo) goes around the rifle barrel.

The bayonet could be used to stab, slash (if sharpened) and bludgeon. Usually, only the point would be sharpened, and the long blade sides left dull.

Although meant to be used with the rifle, the bayonet could also be used as a combat knife. The blade on this model was 10 inches long.