IL - Vivian Mayes, 48, shot to death, Markham, 29 Dec 2005

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    Markham police want to question the live-in boyfriend of a mother who was found shot to death in her home.

    Vivian Mayes, 48, was found by one of her daughters lying on her bedroom floor with two gunshot wounds early Thursday morning.

    A neighbor on the 15000 block of Albany Avenue, Marlene Wells, said one of Mayes' sons ran to her house to use the phone.

    Police say they have been unable to talk with Mayes' boyfriend because he is in the hospital, also suffering from a gunshot wound. Lillian Mayes identified that man as Timothy Johnson. He hasn't been seen since Wednesday night.

    Markham Deputy Police Chief Jim Knapp said Johnson is not considered a suspect, but they were seeking to "find out if he was there, or if he knows anything about what happened."

    Vivian Mayes is legally blind and on was disability, NBC5's Jennifer Mitchell reported.

    Vivian Mayes was born in Chicago and was the mother of three girls and three boys, between the ages of 11 and 14, her mother said.
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    :( very sad story ,all those kids now without a mother,I hope if its the B/F he gets DP

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