Illinois campers save 8 pups , mom, dog and 3-legged cat from hot van

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    Nick Achtien was camping with friends at Jackson Falls in Shawnee National Park, Illinois during Memorial weekend and posted about barking that went on all night....and all day. When the owners of the van the barking was coming from walked away, leaving the animals inside the scorching vehicle, someone managed to get their hand through the window and open the door.

    Out tumbled a dog, a mom dog, her eight puppies and a three-legged cat, all of whom were living in the van. Campers cared and fed them all weekend.

    When a local sheriff arrived he said he couldn't confiscate the animals as their condition didn't appear too bad. So the campers clubbed together and offered $100 for them. The owner, thankfully, decided to just give them up. Three pups have already found homes, the rest are safe in a shelter.

    The names of all the campers who helped are at the link - too many to mention!

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