IN - 3 Kids in State's Care taken by mom, May 2005

Discussion in 'Missing Archives' started by mysteriew, May 26, 2005.

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    Police are looking for a woman and two of the three children she took from the Children's Bureau home Tuesday night.

    One of the children, a 2-year-old girl, was found by police in Ohio at a relative's home, Phillips said. She was not certain where in Ohio that recovery was made. The two other children and their mother were still not accounted for Wednesday night

    The children reportedly were taken into state custody April 5; Phillips said the reason "may have had something to do with the mother having drugs in her system when she had the baby."

    "She felt the children were not being taken care of properly and that they were being abused."
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    The mother must have left the 2 yr old with relatives because it would be pretty hard to be on the run with two babies.

    This mother was having a SUPERVISED visit with her kids? From what I understand when a mother has supervised visits with her kids it means that another adult is ALWAYS in the room with them. Someone must have slipped up. The article also said that the mother said that she was taking her kids and wasn't bringing them back.

    What did the mom do....make her statement and then walk out the door? It sounds like everyone just watched her leave with the kids. Seems like if the LE had been called they would have caught the mom before she got to far away. Strange.

    At least no one is worried about the mom harming the kids. That is good news anyway. On the other hand if this mom is into the drugs who knows what could happen.

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