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He is as guilty as sin. He has admitted to be around at that time. Witnesses place him there and now we have confessions to his wife.

I’m in no doubt to his guilt at this juncture!!
There's clarity as to the search warrant now as well.

If you look at Objection Filed 6-27-2023 13.34.25 248103915 FFC47C07-5DAF-414E-9879-66EEBA100263.pdf you can see the State's response to the motion to suppress the results of the house search.

Apparently what happened is that LE interviewed RA and his wife on October 13th, 2022. During that interview, as we already knew, RA confirmed being on the trail and told them what clothes he was wearing. His wife also confirmed that he still owned a blue jacket and had guns and knives. Based on that interview they applied for a search warrant for the house and executed it the same day. The PCA is very similar to the PCA for the arrest warrant, though it's missing the gun evidence obviously.
It's surprising to me that both RA and his wife showed up voluntarily to the police station for the interview.

I truly don't believe his wife had any idea RA committed these murders.

"Investigators believe Richard Allen was not seen on the trail after 2:13 p.m. because he was in the
woods with Victim I and Victim 2."

No matter how many times I read that line it always gives me chills. It is hopefully time to bring this case home and let Abby and Libby rest in peace like they and their families deserve.
<modsnip> the phone was found under Libby's body. Has anyone read that in the docs? I didn't see it. If so, that answers our questions about where the phone was found
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I wonder if she visits him.
For me, when I'm done, I'm done. The phone call would be the end of my support. At the onset, I might believe that my loved one wasn't capable of committing this horrendous crime but when he tells me they're’s goodbye.
Curious if she is in denial ... giving him the benefit of the doubt, in shock? Defense appears to be down playing the confession. I would have already started divorce filings. Moo
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Me too. That’s me.
Per media reports at least hearing she hadn’t seen him except in May when his lawyer brought her to visit. I can find links but I don’t have them handy on phone. I wonder what that visit was like then when she saw him in that meeting after he’d “confessed” to her in April?
"Investigators believe Richard Allen was not seen on the trail after 2:13 p.m. because he was in the
woods with Victim I and Victim 2."

No matter how many times I read that line it always gives me chills. It is hopefully time to bring this case home and let Abby and Libby rest in peace like they and their families deserve.
Going by Grey Hughes' digital reenactment thingy he (the evil thing) was with them for nigh on and hour and a half (give or take).....made me cry when I realised that, horrific stuff for those poor girls.
Let's hope justice is coming and it's harsh, really harsh.


DELPHI, Ind. — Delphi teenagers Libby German and Abby Williams' accused killer, Richard Allen, allegedly suffered abuse at the hands of the guards and inmates during his pretrial detention in the Westville prison, according to a letter from an inmate.

It was one of the 118 formerly sealed documents released Wednesday in Allen's docket.

The Journal & Courier phoned and emailed the Indiana Department of Corrections spokeswoman for comment. She has not responded.
The fact that he admitted it several times to his WIFE is damning and speaks volumes. That pretty much negates the possibility that sarcastic declarations were maliciously taken as admissions, for me anyway. However, I'm still very, very curious about the context in which it was said. Was this a come-to-jesus moment for him and his wife? And beyond that, did he say WHY? I mean most of us are here to understand WHY people do what they do. Even when there's no reason, something led to the event. A whim? A fantasy? Rage? Something personal against them regarding an interaction?
I don't suppose the transcriptions themselves are included in the doc dump... I have them, but I've only looked at like a dozen so far.
It's not lost on me that RA's mental decline, temper tantrum (destroying his computer, etc) and confessions to his wife and mother over the phone came right after his DT dropped 1,000 pages of discovery on him.

The phone transcripts were not included that I saw. I was really shocked at all the items they collected from the Search Warrant on his home and autos. Wow.

The biggest thing that pops into my head right now is the Teresa Halbach ( Making of a Murderer) case. In that case Brendan Dassey admitted to his mother over a prison phone, that he and his cousin Steven, had in fact murdered that poor girl. It was something that kind of just came up in the conversation with his mom. It's been a few years since I've thought about that case but as the time, I was very into the case, but even then, I was amazed that there wasn't a big deal made about the confession. It's barely mentioned in the TV series if it was even mentioned at all!

This was well after the controversial police and lawyer interrogations and meetings. The focus on those interrogations led a lot of people to believe that Dassey was innocent of the crimes. While there was a big deal made about the unfair treatment of minor and almost the so called 'forced' confession' by the police, there was practically nothing said about the phone confession. It boggled my mind as it not only implicated Dassey, but his cousin as well!

Just something to keep in mind here. It's interesting how these things are interpreted by different people. At the time, I was on the fence about Dassey's innocence. Once I heard that, I was totally convinced that both him and Steven were guilty. I'm finding the same holds true here. I was still on the fence about RA's guilt or innocence until these multiple confessions. I still have to read thru all the documents but that were released today, but it's going to be hard to explain that away.
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