Found Deceased IN - Abigail (Abby) Williams, 13, & Liberty (Libby) German, 14, The Delphi Murders 13 Feb 2017 #118

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    Likely a wise decision :)

    If the theory posted by me earlier were to be true, and be it known I think it only a theory, then I would surmise the reason for the need for such drastic action as murder would be either to hide sexual relations of an adult with a minor, or definitive proof of being involved in drug trafficking.

    Now, as to who? Well, in my opinion, and MOO, it would be a man who holds a position of authority, either in public office, or somewhere else high up in a public sector field or a man who is a leader in an area of public service. Or possibly a man of the cloth.

    It would be a man who you have looked at, straight in the eye, and never gave it a passing thought that he was the killer. It could easily be a man who we here, on this site, have seen somewhere in the media surrounding this entire fiasco.

    carry on.
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  2. Torch Carrier

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    Yes, Stattlich, I agree, someone who has had inappropriate relations with a minor, even if he does NOT (?) necessarily have super high standing in the community (but maybe moderate, like a scout leader or coach) would have a LOT to lose if a fairly assertive seeming young girl like Libby or Abby were about to reveal his misdeeds publicly and/or to LE. Years in prison! RSO status and all that it entails! Loss of livelihood, property, family potentially. A childhood victim myself, and now with the momentum of all this #metoo, I find this scenario easy to imagine it might be what brought all of this about. Maybe he wanted to "talk" then it got heated, fast.
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    Media Timeline 13

    Abigail Williams & Liberty German
    Delphi, Indiana

    Articles by
    13 WTHR Indianapolis (only)
    Feb 14, 2017 - Dec 6, 2019
    (by @margarita25 for WS 12/7/2019)


    FEB 14, 2017

    2 bodies found near Delphi; not identified as missing teenage girls
    (UPDATED: FEB 17, 2017)

    FEB 15, 2017

    Disbelief, anger among Delphi residents

    FEB 16, 2017

    Police confirm bodies found near Delphi are missing teens, searching for suspect

    Delphi residents try to make sense of tragedy

    Hundreds gather in prayer for missing Delphi girls

    Students, teachers cope with tragic news in Delphi

    Why no AMBER Alert for missing Delphi teens?

    Community shaken, saddened by bodies found in Delphi

    Police set up new number for Delphi murder tips

    FEB 18, 2017

    How to talk to your children about tragedy

    FEB 19, 2017

    Search warrant served at Delphi family farm in connection with two murdered teens investigation

    Motorcycle ride planned to benefit families of murdered Delphi teens

    FEB 21, 2017

    Investigators pouring through tips in Delphi teens' murder

    Visitation, lantern release Saturday for Delphi girls

    LISTEN: Police release audio from teen's cell phone in Delphi murder investigation

    FEB 22, 2017

    With police narrowing search for a suspect, Delphi residents feeling some relief

    Delphi pastor struggles for words to comfort parishioners

    Man photographed on Delphi trail now named suspect in murder of teen girls

    Delphi pours out in support of grieving families of murdered teens

    Thousands turn out for Delphi memorial bike ride

    Memorial grows as police continue search for Delphi girls' killer

    From cookies to motorcycles, Delphi reaches out to support girls' families

    Dozens of detectives looking into Delphi teens' murders

    Police seek help identifying person seen on Delphi trail

    FEB 23, 2017

    Artist sketches of Delphi suspect not endorsed by police

    Search area expands as police continue to field tips in double homicide

    Tips pour in after suspect identified in Delphi double homicide

    FEB 24, 2017

    Sheriff says double murder investigation unlike any he's seen in 30 years

    FEB 25, 2017

    "This one can be solved": Retired detective optimistic about finding Delphi killer

    Life changes in Delphi as hunt for killer continues

    State Police: Libby German 'a hero'

    How to donate to the Delphi investigation reward fund

    As homicide investigation continues, group seeks cameras for Delphi trail

    FEB 26, 2017

    6,000 billboards in 46 states plead for information in Delphi girls' murders

    Neighbors, friends share comfort in Delphi prayer vigil

    FEB 27, 2017

    Reward for tips in Delphi murders nears $100,000

    FEB 28, 2017

    After double homicide, some visit Delphi trail for closure

    Haircuts about more than looks near Delphi

    Delphi community steps up to help murder victims' families

    As tips pour in, some in Delphi turn to faith

    National attention leads to thousands of tips in Delphi investigation

    Delphi investigators expand plea for information to 46 states, raise reward fund

    MAR 2, 2017

    Reward for tips in Delphi murders nears $100,000

    Delphi investigators move to larger headquarters

    MAR 3, 2017

    McAfee felt 'gigantic responsibility' to make reward fund contribution

    Pat McAfee, Jim Irsay raise Delphi reward to $200K

    ISP: No arrests made in Delphi murders; investigation continues

    Seeking tips in Delphi murders, police reach out to passing motorists

    MAR 4, 2017

    "Singing Contractors" lend their voices to Delphi investigation

    MAR 7, 2017

    'Everyone wants to help' in Delphi investigation

    With every interview, detectives move closer to finding murder suspect

    Orange porch lights send message of support to Delphi victim families, investigators

    MAR 8, 2017

    'Please, we need your help': Libby German's grandfather speaks
    (UPDATED MAR 11, 2019)

    MAR 9, 2017

    Delphi fundraiser set for Tuesday evening at middle school

    Parents of murdered Delphi girls to speak publicly Thursday

    MAR 10, 2017

    Delphi turns out for pizza party to support reward fund

    MAR 14, 2017

    Pork cook-off to help raise money for Delphi victims' fund

    Hundreds of new tips come in after Delphi victim's grandfather speaks

    MAR 16, 2017

    Task force discusses security on Delphi trails - here's how you can help

    Carroll County eatery holds fundraiser for murdered Delphi girls

    MAR 17, 2017

    Delphi native delivers personal safety tips to teenagers

    Police search home, property of man where Delphi teens were found

    MAR 18, 2017

    Investigators, residents continue to hope for break in Delphi case

    MAR 19, 2017

    Investigators still working hard as officers pull off from Delphi case

    MAR 21, 2017

    Delphi task force meets Monday about trail safety

    MAR 23, 2017

    Delphi investigators get help with backlog of tips

    MAR 24, 2017

    Police: "Different appearance" coming to Delphi investigation

    MAR 25, 2017

    Delphi reward fund tops $232K as tips continue to come in

    MAR 27, 2017

    Five Things to know for Monday, March 27th

    MAR 30, 2017

    Six weeks later, information continues coming in to Delphi murder investigators

    Delphi remembers Libby German and Abby Williams six weeks after their murder

    APR 3, 2017

    Owner of Delphi property where murdered teens were found pleads guilty to unrelated charge
    (UPDATED: APR 8, 2017)

    APR 8, 2017

    Archie Miller autograph up for auction to help Delphi reward fund

    Owner of Delphi property where murdered teens were found pleads guilty to unrelated charge

    APR 10, 2017

    Tips continue to come in 8 weeks after Delphi double murder
    (UPDATED: APR 14, 2017)

    APR 14, 2017

    Delphi bridge where Abby Williams and Libby German disappeared to be closed for repairs

    Delphi girls murdered: 8 weeks later

    Monday marks eight weeks since disapperance of Abby Williams and Libby German

    APR 22, 2017

    Delphi victim's grandparents believe investigators will find killer

    MAY 4, 2017

    Celebration of Life planned for Delphi teenagers

    Runners to honor Delphi teens during OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon

    MAY 7, 2017

    Investigators renew plea for tips 11 weeks after Delphi murders

    MAY 9, 2017

    Delphi community comes together for a walk of healing

    MAY 17, 2017

    Large turnout for celebration of life for Delphi murder victims

    MAY 18, 2017

    Rock musician Henry Lee Summer joins lineup for concert for Abby and Libby

    MAY 19, 2017

    Benches honor six Carroll County girls killed in past year

    MAY 23, 2017

    Sold out crowd turns out for fundraiser for Delphi families

    JUN 17, 2017

    Delphi community has 'complete belief' murder case will be solved

    JUN 20, 2017

    Sen. Donnelly honors Delphi girls at Congressional Baseball Game

    JUN 28, 2017

    FBI pleads for tips on Abby Williams' 14th birthday

    JUL 7, 2017

    Fundraising drive begins to make Indiana trail system safer

    JUL 17, 2017

    TIMELINE: Delphi murder investigation
    (UPDATED: APR 22, 2019)

    JUL 18, 2017

    Weekend concert, softball tournament honor Delphi murder victims

    JUL 20, 2017

    State police release sketch in Delphi murder investigation

    'Somebody knows him': Relatives hope sketch leads police to Delphi murder suspect

    JUL 23, 2017

    Release of suspect sketch yields 1,000 tips in double murder probe

    JUL 25, 2017

    State Police: Stop posting pictures of guys you think match the Delphi sketch

    AUG 10, 2017

    Delphi task force reaching out for donations for trail safety plan

    Tip in Delphi murder case leads to arrest in 2007 Cass County homicide

    AUG 16, 2017

    Police: Delphi murder victims spoke of man behind them in audio played for family

    FBI sketch spurs 6,000 tips in slayings of 2 Indiana girls

    AUG 22, 2017

    Delphi task force exceeds fundraising goal for improving trail safety

    SEP 6, 2017

    Delphi ready for trail upgrades after girls' murders

    SEP 7, 2017

    Families of murdered Delphi teens to appear on Dr. Oz
    (SEP 10, 2017)

    SEP 28, 2017

    Carroll Co. Sheriff investigating possible link between Colorado suspect and Delphi murders
    (UPDATED: SEP 30, 2017)

    SEP 29, 2017

    Man who did business with Daniel Nations recalls alleged threats

    OCT 2, 2017

    Former prosecutor says Nations interview is 'critical job' for Delphi investigators

    State Police arrive in Colorado to interview person of interest in Delphi case

    State Police arrive in Colorado to interview person of interest in Delphi case

    OCT4, 2017

    Police: Daniel Nations not yet tied to Delphi murders

    OCT 11, 2017

    Daniel Nations faces new allegations in Colorado

    OCT 16, 2017

    Mother of Abby Williams filling gift boxes in memory of murdered Delphi girls
    (UPDATED OCT 18, 2017)

    OCT 18, 2017

    Delphi murders investigation discussed on The Dr. Oz Show

    OCT 27, 2017

    Carmel class teaches kids how to protect themselves from a predator

    NOV 13, 2017

    Delphi Girls Murdered

    NOV 13, 2017

    Volunteers pack gift boxes in tribute to Delphi murder victim

    Prosecutor retiring with Delphi murders, Flora fire deaths still unsolved
    (UPDATED JAN 15, 2018)

    DEC 3, 2017

    Carroll County GOP caucus chooses new prosecutor

    DEC 12, 2017

    Delphi murder mystery featured on Wednesday's Dr. Phil

    DEC 14, 2017

    Delphi murders discussion on Dr. Phil fuels hope that case will be solved

    DEC 25, 2017

    Police remind online sleuths to call in tips, leave Delphi murder investigation to detectives


    JAN 15, 2018

    Tennessee sheriff clarifies Delphi suspect has not been seen there

    FEB 5, 2018

    Former person of interest in murders of Delphi teens back in Indiana

    FEB 13, 2018

    Delphi community maintains hope one year after girls' disappearance

    FEB 14, 2018

    Police hope anniversary spurs tips about Delphi teens' deaths

    FEB 15, 2018

    One year later, community gathers to remember Libby and Abby

    FEB 16, 2018

    Libby German's mom grateful for Delphi murder investigators, prays for justice

    JUN 28, 2018

    Police still receiving daily tips about Delphi murder investigation

    AUG 15, 2018

    Delphi Girls Murdered

    OCT 1, 2018

    Fundraiser in Delphi supports park for Abby and Libby

    NOV 19, 2018

    'Abby's Angels' resume care package tradition in Delphi


    JAN 9, 2019

    Delphi homicide investigation headquarters moving back to Delphi City Hall

    JAN 11, 2019

    Randolph Co. sexual abuse suspect draws comparisons to Delphi murderer

    JAN 16, 2019

    Delphi investigative team looking at Randolph County arrest

    JAN 28, 2019

    As investigation nears 2-year mark, Dr. Oz discusses Delphi murders

    FEB 12, 2019

    2 years after Delphi murders, funding sought to boost specialized detective units

    FEB 13, 2019

    Food drive to mark second anniversary of Delphi murders

    Police plan update in probe of Delphi deaths

    FEB 14, 2019

    Delphi murders update renews call for tips

    2 years after Delphi murders, funding sought to boost specialized detective units

    FEB 15, 2019

    Delphi community marks murder anniversary with vigil, food drive

    MAR 28, 2019

    Logansport meets $25K fundraising goal for trail safety

    APR 19, 2019

    ISP: Delphi investigation moving in new direction, 'significant information' to be released

    APR 22, 2019

    Video released of suspect in 2017 killings of Indiana girls

    TIMELINE: Delphi murder investigation

    APR 23, 2019

    Community hopeful after new images, audio released of suspected Delphi killer

    State police receive a thousand tips since new Delphi evidence release

    Spike in tips about 2 Indiana girls who were slain in 2017

    APR 24, 2019

    Old Delphi suspect sketch is no longer person of interest

    Former homicide investigator: Delphi case is solvable

    Delphi Girls Murdered

    APR 30, 2019

    Police urge public to stop posting photos of people who look like Delphi suspect

    MAY 6, 2019

    State police receive thousands of tips since new Delphi evidence release

    MAY 14, 2019

    Indiana trail grants include rehab of Delphi bridge where girls were killed

    MAY 21, 2019

    Mother and family of Flora girls call for action in arson case
    (article mentions Abby & Libby)

    MAY 22, 2019
    Indiana State Police respond to calls for action and answers in Flora fire case
    (article mentions Abby & Libby)

    JUN 5, 2019

    ISP investigator, family members of Abby Williams and Libby German heading to Crime Con

    JUN 15, 2019

    Community raising funds for playground in memory of Abby and Libby

    JUN 23, 2019

    Family and friends of Delphi girls celebrate Abby's 16th birthday

    JUN 26, 2019

    eBay seller packs Delphi murder suspect flyer in every package

    JUL 9, 2019

    Sister of Delphi murder victim streams live on YouTube to 'debunk rumors' about case

    Libby German's sister plans to address rumors involving family, Delphi case

    JUL 15, 2019

    Abby and Libby Park reaches fundraising goal

    JUL 22, 2019

    Sheriff: Delphi murder investigators requested Etter autopsy results, DNA

    JUL 24, 2019

    Grandfather of Delphi victim 'optimistic' that murderer will be caught

    Emily Longnecker WTHR

    OCT 24, 2019

    Mother of slain Delphi teen reflects on 6 months with no new answers after release of new sketch of suspect

    NOV 19, 2019

    Delphi park honoring Libby German and Abby Williams gets donated light poles

    DEC 6, 2019

    Christmas tree on courthouse lawn honors memory of Delphi murder victims
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    My issue with this theory is that girls would probably have recognised him and said there is X on the video. When he said “down the hill” as a command in a threatening manner and they knew him would they not have said “X why are you doing this?” Would Liberty have been alarmed enough to get him on video if she had any idea who he was?

    I am sure law enforcement has talked to Abigail and Liberty’s friends to ask if they had confided anything. Male employees at the school will have been looked at in depth and all their coaches at softball etc. All males they have been in contact with at school and in their personal lives will have been looked at as part of the investigation.

    From what Kelsi (Liberty’s Sister) has said about the girls in the HLN interview they don’t appear to have been acting different that day or prior to it nor was there anything indicating that they were going to meet anyone there. I remember Abbey’s Mum saying she doesn’t think the girls were going to meet a someone like a boy as Abbey was not dressed up and was wearing her Mum’s old sweatshirt.

    I can’t decide if we are looking at a random killer that was waiting for a young girl to attack and kill that day and they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or if we are looking at a killer like in the Closs case who was maybe stalking one of the girls and they had no idea and he decided to act on it when the opportunity presented itself that horrific day.
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  6. MingyMoo

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  7. Awsi Dooger

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    I can decide. That's exactly what it was. Every other version is too much thinking going on. Adding too many variables without recognizing that more variables means less likely, not more likely.

    I've seen everything from geocaching to masturbation. Lots of good Scrabble words.

    Besides, we have this guy on film. He is not dressed normally. He's got bulkiness going on. Face not visible. He doesn't have one item of clothing that can be easily recognized by brand, let along allegiance to some school, etc.

    How often would that combo be true, if the guy were merely out for a stroll and then something provoked him to attack? We have a picture of Abby. It looked like Abby. If Abby had photographed Libby it would be unmistakable of Libby. Nobody can figure out who Bridge Guy is because that was part of his preparation. From 10 feet it wouldn't work but from 70 it far.

    Regarding the 5% solve rate, those cases are lumped together no matter how obscure or how few law enforcement members worked on them. This one may never be solved but the likelihood is far above the norm given not only the video/audio but the vast profile and absolute certainty that eyes will never leave.
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  8. tresir2012

    tresir2012 Oh! What a tangled web we weave....

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    Why do you think LE said the community would be shocked when they found out the identity and stated what would his family think (paraphrasing) and the hiding in plain sight plus could be in the room comments? Those comments and the one about knowing his voice all seem to point that they have someone in mind IMO.
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  9. tresir2012

    tresir2012 Oh! What a tangled web we weave....

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    Very good thought. Hadn't thought of that.
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  10. tresir2012

    tresir2012 Oh! What a tangled web we weave....

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    If that no.5 photo is the photo I am thinking about, that LEO has no forensic suit on either, which has always struck me as a big problem. (I cannot actually access this article as it is not accessible from Europe but believe it is a photo I have seen previously.) How many other officers trampled around the scene like that?
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  11. Ozoner

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    I disagree.
    There are a couple of other possibilities
    The most likely one is that the FBI's profile of BG says that he's a local who maintains a facade of normality and is active in his local church.
    It's also possible that they have mitochondrial DNA of a type that is very common in the caucasian population of central Indiana. That might make them suspect that BG is a local without enabling them to finger a particular suspect.
    That they asked for Etter's autopsy results suggests a third possibility. Maybe they have semen with no DNA in it, which would tell them that the perp has had a vasectomy. That would imply that the perp is married with children--a family man. Single guys rarely get vasectomies.
    They may be clueless; their comments may have been designed to jar the public into eyeing the men around them with suspicion and considering people that they might have written off as a suspect out of hand. It might have been a hail Mary, to borrow from football parlance.
    There are probably many other possibilities that haven't occurred to me. In any event, I don't see anything to suggest that LE has a prime suspect.
  12. tresir2012

    tresir2012 Oh! What a tangled web we weave....

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    No reason to apologise Jenni. I knew exactly who you were talking about from your description and it baffles me too.
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  13. tresir2012

    tresir2012 Oh! What a tangled web we weave....

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    You are doing a great job here M25. Today is the day.
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  14. tresir2012

    tresir2012 Oh! What a tangled web we weave....

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    Yeah maybe Georgia voice and Georgia plates. Or Georgia link in the DNA?
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  15. tresir2012

    tresir2012 Oh! What a tangled web we weave....

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    Had a big snigger at your post at the end there. :)
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  16. tresir2012

    tresir2012 Oh! What a tangled web we weave....

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    I think at one point it was said they are looking at any perp with crimes against children so would also think that abduction/rapes and murders they would also be routinely looking at as well. They have also explained why they don't "clear" anyone too.
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  17. tresir2012

    tresir2012 Oh! What a tangled web we weave....

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    Oh go on share your theory......
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  18. stattlich1

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    How does a random killer that was waiting to murder that day, with no motive, other than to murder, how does that fit in with.....

    We believe him to be from Delphi etc., hiding in plain sight, have likely interviewed him, or someone close to him, etc.?

    Under those circumstances, he would have to be a rather 'local' random killer to be from Delphi, or had been from Delphi, to work in, or have worked in Delphi, to be hiding in plain sight, and to have possibly been interviewed by LE.

    Which leads me to believe, IF.....he is/was all those things, there is a distinct possibility he knew and possibly targeted these two girls for a reason. However, indeed, he could just be a murderer, with no other motive than to satisfy that evil within.

    Also, the idea that in the photo/video he is so generic in dress, possibly in disguise, would lead me to suspect he has/had some experience in understanding murder, maybe some prior planning on his part so as to not reveal his identity, someone who......well,

    I agree a teacher or coach may be possible, but for me, IMO, it is different career field this evil killer hides within.
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  19. MichelleBlue

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    Can anyone post a link to the press conference where LE said the comment of "he could be in this room right now" or something similar? I'm curious about it & can't find it.

    IMO The first time I heard the voice recording of "Down the hill. Guys." I heard a strange regret in the man's voice. Like he was struggling with the guilt of what he was about to do.

    I wish these families could have closure already. I happened to visit the local LE Facebook page recently & there were a lot of comments daily about this case. It made me realize that the local public hasn't forgotten.
  20. FreshEyes

    FreshEyes Well-Known Member

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    On page one of this thread there is a link to the latest PC 4/22/19. That is the one you are looking for.
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