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CARROLL COUNTY, Ind. – Special Judge Fran Gull will not disqualify herself from the case surrounding Delphi murders suspect Richard Allen.

Allen, charged with four counts of murder in the February 2017 deaths of Abby Williams and Libby German near the Monon High Bridge in Delphi, is set to go on trial in October.

Indiana State Police announced Allen’s arrest in October 2022, more than five years after the teens were killed. Since his arrest, the case has been bogged down in legal maneuvering.


Judge rejects latest motion seeking her removal from Delphi murders case

Updated: Jun 4, 2024 / 08:32 AM EDT
#Delphi trial now extended. Online record reflects 10/14/24-11/15/24 for the trial, after defense said they weren't allotted enough time to put on their defense. No docs support this change, but clerk says the new dates are correct. Previously trial was set for 3 weeks (more)

including jury selection. Trial is now scheduled to last 5 weeks. Judge is also considering a motion from defense to stay all hearings until she rules on their motion for her to step down. Defense alleges she is biased against them and their client.


#Delphi - new hearing set for July 30-August 1 in Carroll County, the screen shot includes what issues are on the table. According to defense, the biggest issue is the motion to vacate the safekeeping order. They want the defendant moved to a county jail. (more)


Another big issue is the State's Motion in Limine which asks the judge to ban words like Odinism, Ritual Killing, Names of Alleged Odinists, Kegan Kline, and Ron Logan from being spoken at trial.
Delphi murders suspect Richard Allen is trying one more time to divorce the case from Special Judge Frances Gull, whom he and his defense team have repeatedly accused of being bias against them.

In a filing Thursday, Andrew Baldwin, one of Allen's attorneys, argued that Gull has violated Indiana trial rules by failing to make a decision on two of the defense's motions within the 30-day time frame the rules required. Baldwin is asking the Indiana Supreme Court's chief administrative officer, Justin Forkner, to review the case and determine whether rulings have, indeed, been delayed.

Several other pending motions on critical issues, including what evidence can and cannot be presented to the jury, are set for hearings from July 30 to Aug. 1 in Carroll County.

Allen's trial is set to begin in October and is expected to last more than a month.

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