GUILTY IN - Andrea Wilkey for helping 5yo son smoke crack, Marion County, 2004

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    A Marion County judge on Monday sentenced an Indianapolis woman to 18 months in prison for helping her 5-year-old son smoke crack cocaine.

    Andrea Wilkey, 40, held the lighter on Aug. 6 while her son inhaled from a homemade pipe, police say. Her son tested positive for cocaine the next day.

    "It's home-schooling a child to become a drug addict," Superior Court Judge Evan D. Goodman said. "To have this child put back with his mother I think would be rewarding this woman, and I won't do that."

    Wilkey told police she was smoking crack in a "bong" made out of a baby food jar, glass pipe and rubber tubing.

    Wilkey left the room, court records say. When she returned, her son was sitting at the table near the bong and asking to use the drug.

    "Come on. Let me do it," he said, according to records.

    The mother said she then struck a lighter to the cocaine and watched her son inhale, according to records.

    The next day, Wilkey took her son to her mother's house so she could go to a job interview. Wilkey's mother, Jane Ross, 65, noticed the child acting strangely. The boy told Ross what he had done, and she took him to St. Vincent Hospital, where he tested positive for cocaine.
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    Oh h#ll no!!!!!!!! :furious:

    THIS is why I changed my major!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just cant cope w/ people like this!!

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