IN- Jennifer Stockrahm, 21, Clay County, 02/12/1997

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    ISP: Jennifer Stockrahm 02/12/1997
    Looking for more information on this case. There is not much online. It happened when I was little but it happened in my area, so I'm interested to learn more about it. If anyone has any more details or any links to other articles that'd be greatly appriciated.
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    It appears there are very few articles available. I found some local articles that are all behind a paywall. Here is an accessible article about a walk in Jennifer’s memory to help raise awareness:

    Unsolved woman's death from 18 years ago on minds of quiet walkers

    I also found a petition to keep someone locked up for an unrelated crime, as it seems as though he is suspected of Jennifer’s murder by friends/ family. His initials are B.D. Not sure if I’m allowed to link to the petition, but it was the first thing that came up on my Google search.
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