IN - Kristine Bunch freed in 3yo son's 1995 fire death, served 16 years

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    INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — An Indiana judge dismissed murder and arson charges against a woman whose conviction in her son's 1995 death was overturned, but prosecutors said Tuesday the case isn't closed and they plan to try her again.

    Kristine Bunch, 38, spent 16 years in prison after a jury convicted her of setting the fire that killed her 3-year-old son. The Indiana Court of Appeals ordered a new trial for her in March after finding that evidence used to convict her was outdated, weak and wrongly withheld from the defense...............

    Prosecutors who charged Bunch claimed she poured kerosene in the bedroom of her son, Tony, and the living room of their mobile home and lit it on fire. But attorneys for the Center on Wrongful Convictions said investigators at the time misinterpreted burn patterns as indicating an accelerant and that there was no evidence of arson.................

    More at link.......

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    I just saw her on the Darlie Routier doc The Last Defense. I am really not sure. Various judges before the court of appeals ruled against a new trial citing the evidence. She has great attorneys. A lot is explained here: Kristine Bunch’s 17-year fight to prove her innocence | CBS 17

    What a terrible death for her baby. They never answered how the fire started.
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