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    All three Allen County bodies have been buried, but they remain a mystery to those familiar with the circumstances of their deaths. The coroner’s office orders bodies unclaimed by families to be cremated. In the cases of the unidentified bodies, local charities, businesses and other anonymous donors paid for the burials

    The Franklin County (Ohio) Coroner’s Office, whose jurisdiction includes Columbus, has had similar difficulties and has buried six unidentified bodies. Jack Sudimack, chief investigator for the coroner’s office, said it’s difficult to locate next-of-kin in metropolitan areas with a transient population in its jurisdiction. It’s even more difficult to find the identity of someone with no known name, he said.

    Infant John Doe, found March 14, 2002

    Children playing behind a garage in the 4600 block of Calumet Avenue discovered the child’s body in a bag March 14. He died of blood loss less than 24 hours after birth. The baby’s umbilical cord wasn’t properly tied after birth. He is buried in the Lindenwood Cemetery, 2324 W. Main St., in Space 160 in the “Babyland” section.

    ♦ Mary Jane Doe found, May 15, 1992

    A man helping remodel a vacant home found an old shoe with a human foot inside. Police later recovered a badly decomposed body from the basement of the vacant home at 3512 Reynolds St. The woman was believed to be between 20 and 25 years old with straight blond or light brown hair. The woman was wearing a pink pair of size-10 Reeboks, an extra-large Windcrest jacket, a grey/blue and white-knit shirt, sweat pants and two gold necklaces. She is buried in Lindenwood Cemetery in Section 26.

    Who are they? Allen County’s yet-to-be- identified bodies

    ♦ Jon Doe, found April 22, 1999

    Found floating in Cedar Creek near Metea Park. He had been stabbed repeatedly. He was wearing a striped shirt made in Paris, brown button-fly Levis with a red tint, size-8 wide brown Timberland Gortex low cut boots, an extra-large blue-hooded sweat shirt, black underwear with a puppy or teddy bear design, and white socks. He was wearing a necklace with two black squares believed to be religious symbols. He is buried in an unmarked grave in Section N at Concordia Lutheran Cemetery, at Anthony Boulevard and Maumee Avenue.
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    None of these individuals are in Doe Network or Namus.

    Edit: No, wait. None of these individuals are in DN or Namus filed under OHIO as in the thread title but I think it should be Indiana. If it's Indiana then we have

    Another link about him:
    He also has a Namus page but they have entered little info.

    Baby John Doe and Jane Doe aren't there filed under Indiana either.
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    Closing this thread. Please use for reference only. (too complicated with multiple UID's in multiple states)
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