In Syria, over 200 dead in shelling on eve of UN removal of Assad vote

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    Syria: over 200 dead after 'massacre' in Homs (Guardian)
    more at link above (and in beaucoups places all over the internet)
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    U.N. Security Council fails to pass resolution on Syria

    United Nations (CNN) -- As international anger grows over reports of mass carnage at the hands of the Syrian regime, a U.N. Security Council draft resolution condemning Syria failed to be adopted Saturday after veto-wielding members Russia and China voted against it.

    Ambassadors from the other permanent members of the council -- the United States, France, and the United Kingdom -- said they were furious at Russia and China for failing to halt the worsening, bloody violence that has consumed the Middle Eastern nation.

    Thirteen Security Council members voted in favor of the resolution..............

    "Those that have blocked potentially the last effort to resolve this peacefully ... will have any future blood spill on their hands," U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice told CNN. "The people of Syria have yet again been abandoned by this Council and by the international community."

    More at link....

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