India - Gang rape victim dies from burns after assault, December 2019

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    A 23-year-old rape victim have died in hospital after she was assaulted, had been dosed with kerosene, and been set alight by a gang of men, including her alleged rapist. She was on her way to attend a court hearing over her rape. She was the latest (for us known) rape victim in India who have been attacked and killed in a horrible way after either a rape or after having reported a rape. India rape victim dies after being set alight on her way to court

    Just a week or so ago, this case of a young veterinarian were attacked and killed by a gang: Vet's burnt body found after suspected gang rape
    Her assailants were killed by police during a reconstrucion of the crime when they tried to escape: Police kill suspects in India vet rape-murder case

    The number of rapes in India is shocking, just in the province where the first case above happened, over 4,200 rapes were recorded in 2017, the highest number in India.
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