Indiana has a new sex offender website

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    The Indiana Sheriffs' Sex Offender Registry will include maps that allow users to pinpoint where offenders live, work and go to school. The site will be updated daily, and starting later this year, Hoosiers can sign up for e-mail updates notifying them when offenders move into their neighborhoods.

    The new Web site creates maps that can zoom in to as close as a half-mile from a requested address. Offenders' locations appear as icons on the maps and are color-coded by type: blue for residences, green for workplaces and salmon for schools they attend. When the user places a cursor over an icon, a window pops up with the offender's photo and information. Additional features allow people to display schools and day-care centers on the maps.
    As offenders move within the state, sheriffs' offices will put their new addresses into the database, but much of the data relies on offenders providing accurate and complete information.
    Under current state law, offenders are required to register only one of their addresses, be it the place of residence, work or school, according to J. David Donahue, commissioner of the Department of Correction. Senate Bill 12, which Daniels said he supports, would compel offenders to register all of their addresses.

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