Inept burglar calls 911 for help

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    WHIDBEY ISLAND -- How do you know if you're not cut out for a life of crime?

    Consider the case of a Whidbey Island man who is cooling his heels in jail after being arrested by police officers he called himself when he botched a burglary.

    Friday night, the man, 18, smashed a glass door at a closed gas station, in the 5600 block of Fish Road.

    The burglary started off rocky when he cut his hand during the break-in and bled all over himself and the store.

    When he couldn't open the cash register, he stuffed his pockets with packs of cigarettes and was on the way to a clean getaway.

    But he went back to the store three minutes later and again tried -- and failed -- to open the cash register, Island County Sheriff's spokeswoman Jan Smith said.

    So he shoved more cigarettes into his pockets.

    What's next when you're bleeding, loaded down with stolen smokes and have no money?

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