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    Injustice collector is someone who holds grudges for a long time and it builds up over time. They blame others for their problems and have a chip on their shoulder.

    Injustice Collecting

    Examples of Injustice Collector
    Seung-Hui Cho

    Andrew Kehoe-I read about Kehoe in Dangerous Instincts, which is a new book that came out.
    Gertrude Baniszewski-I think she is one because she took her rage on Sylvia Likens after she called Paula a "prostitute" and "slut".
    Lori Drew-Same with her because she could not let go about her daughter being called a "Lesbian". I think in both cases (Drew and Baniszewski), they had deep seated rage.

    Possible Injustice Collector
    Osama bin Laden
    Adolf Hitler
    Joseph Stalin
    Saddam Hussein
    Jennifer Petkov
    South Hadley 6
    Fred Phelps
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