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Discussion in 'Darlie Routier' started by heavenlydaze, Oct 30, 2004.

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    I don't want to infringe on someone else's copywrite, so I'll post only three paragraphs, then attach the link. Maybe most of you have already read this.
    If so, pardon the reference material repeat. I thought it was interesting, and as I am just now getting into this case, I am trying to look at both sides, reading everything I can and trying to figure it out.

    Mr. Heavenlydaze thought he'd get me back after the Laci Peterson trial. Well, honey, I never left, but every gal's got to have a hobby.

    this is the 2nd of 2 parts:


    But as he listened to Aitken, who sat through all 4 weeks of Darlie's
    capital-murder trial in the conservative Hill Country town of Kerrville,
    he was hooked. Pardo heard many things that made him question the wisdom
    of the jury's verdict. But what made him want to look into the case was
    the fact that no one in Darlie's family believed Darlie did it.

    "I was struck by the thought that if Darlie was executed, there would be
    no one in the victim's viewing room," he says. "It was a bizarre thought
    that no one would be on the other side."

    The more Pardo looked into the case, the more he was convinced that
    Darlie didn't do it.
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    Pardo thinks that Darin did it. Unless and until Darlie is ready to tell the truth about what happened that night, she'll be executed. It may already be too late for her to do so because anything she says now after years and years of lying about, will just look like desperation on her part.

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