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    International Expertise Center
    Welcome to the International Expertise Center Childabduction.COM ( IECC )
    We dedicate ourselves to recovering internationally abducted children.
    International child abduction generally concerns a child who has been taken by one parent away from the other. That child has been then taken - without authorisation or against existing agreements - to a foreign country.
    You can also talk of international child abduction if the child is not brought back or returned home on time.
    The IECC intervenes when the legal system lets you down and, regardless from where in the world, brings your child back home.
    Our organisation has conducted several successful recoveries. We have recovered children from countries all over the world. These succesful recoveries were all conducted since 1999.
    International Expertise Center Childabduction.COM
    +31-6-51566221 (24/7)
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