Interview and book- Amanda Berry and Gina De Jesus

Discussion in 'Amanda Berry- Gina deJesus- Michelle Knight' started by mysteriew, Apr 27, 2015.

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    I read both books. I understand why Michelle wrote her own, as she had so much more of a story to tell even before the kidnappings.

    I found it weird that Amanda and Gina's book was written with very little mention of Michelle, who clearly took a ton of punishment. Gina mentions her some, but it read like an intentional effort to leave her out except where truly necessary.

    Michelle's book was more comprehensive of what went on in the house through her own 1st person point of view, but clearly involves the other two. Gina and Amanda's book is more researched and has a lot of information on what was going on with the search and family members at the time.

    Horrible what they all went through.

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