GUILTY Ireland - Michael Ferry for child sexual abuse, Donegal, 2011

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    It's surely not just the US which is struggling with getting the registry right. This case is outrageous. My heart goes out to all this vile man's victims. They have suffered so greatly.

    I know Interpol must be swamped but I'm starting to think this must be a job for them--overhauling and centralizing the entire system. This is a global calamity.

    School caretaker jailed for sex abuse of boys

    "A DONEGAL caretaker who kept his job at a school despite a conviction for sexually assaulting a pupil has been sentenced to 18 years for the rape and sexual assault of four more boys. Michael Ferry (55) abused the four boys on an almost weekly basis, some for as long as four years. He groomed them by supplying them with alcohol, cigarettes and money. He would also make them watch pornography with him, with one boy reporting to gardaí that the man had shown him child pornography...."


    "....authorities must have been aware Ferry had a conviction for a similar offence, yet he continued working in the school. “A disturbing feature of this case is that the outrages perpetrated in the school predate and postdate the sexual assault of a pupil in the same school, for which he was placed on the sex offenders’ register for five years,” Mr Justice Paul Carney commented...."


    "....Each of the men, now aged between 24 and 30, stated in victim impact statements that they turned to alcohol, drug and solvent abuse to escape from the reality of their situation. Some of them had tried to take their own lives, with one saying he had deliberately crashed his car and later his motorbike...."

    more at link (warning: horrible details)

    Note: Prepare yourself for the last paragraph. Are we surprised?
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